We’re Just Travelin’ Through

This week has been filled with making plans to travel. Wow! Do We have a lot of places to go between this Friday and the middle of January. First we are headed to Maryland Dec. 21st-January 2nd. We will enjoy the holidays with my parents and attend the wedding of John’s brother, Tim. We will also be visiting with Riverdale Baptist Church, our very first church supporter.

January 11th-16th we will be headed to Phoenix, AZ to visit a church that is interested in helping us out. Then, only two days later we will be headed to Chicago to meet with the BGC financial adviser. We will be there until the 20th, but John and I are talking about making a possible extended stay because there might be some churches we can visit while up there. We are so excited about this trip because we will get to visit with our MAC friends that we met in October.
We knew this would happen, we knew that the traveling would begin. Please be in prayer that God would give us traveling mercies as we will be flying and driving many miles. PTL for his faithfulness in our lives!!!! He has taken great care of us so far, and I know he will be with us the whole way.

Hope that all of your travels are safe, and if your in Maryland, AZ, or Chi-town, let us know, we’d love to see you.