In Maryland / New blog features

We have arrived in Maryland safe and sound. The past couple of days have consisted of shopping, catching up, shopping, church, shopping, reading, shopping, playing games, and shopping. Whew! Last minute Christmas shopping, can’t beat that! Any way, we are thankful to be at home and resting. This trip is for the most part a VACATION, we are resting up, the months ahead are sure to be busy, so we are going to concentrate on enjoying our families.

Keep a look out for some new blog features. We are going to put up a link to how you can support us if you feel called to do so (Many have inquired about this, so we will be posting the information shortly). Also look for a Video Blog link. That’s right! I’m going to start posting video blogs about once a month, maybe more, but at least once a month. I’ll let you know when these new features will be available.

Well, you all only have one more day to shop. I hope you’ve already got it done because it’s a Belize jungle out there! Have a wonderful week.