Paula Stanley

Dear Readers,

I am taking the time today to tell you about the worship leader of our church. She was a wonderful God-fearing woman. She lead our church in song and she was also the wife of our Sunday School teacher. She and Billy (her husband) always wanted our classroom repainted. The colors were red, green, and blue (very ugly). Paula fought a long battle with cancer and went home to be with the Lord about a week and a half ago. Our class got together and decide to paint and redecorate the room in honor of Paula. This week was spent painting the room and making it look pretty for Billy’s first Sunday back with us. He was really surprised.

Paula touched so many lives. She was a living example of Christ and I thank God for the time I knew her. Please pray for Billy now as he is going through the grief process.

Continue to pray for us. Nothing new to report except that we have some churches interested in talking with us, and we’ve had some individuals that would like to support us as well. Praise the Lord, He is so good. Thank you for your prayers. More to come next week.

One thought on “Paula Stanley

  1. Our prayers are with Paula’s family and those she left behind. Although I know where Paula is, it still hard for those of you who have memories and fun times to remember. It won’t be long until we’re all up there with her! Your love covers so many people, we are honored to be just 2 of those on your receiving end of love. I know that Paula’s family will be blessed by being on the receiving end too! Love Ma

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