Update on Evangeline

We had some ups and downs last night. At around 6 PM we thought she was on the mend. She was acting like she was feeling much better. We gave her some kind of “custard” (milk-free) from the hospital. she liked it but did not want to eat it anymore. an hour later she threw it up, then an hour later again, then at midnight just a little and at one she had some dry heaving.

She woke up this morning wanting to use the bathroom and talking, two good signs. She has a fever at little over 100. The pediatrician has her on two medications but is taking her off of one of them today to see how she does. She looks better, she is sleeping a lot. I am hoping that she can keep down a little breakfast. Thank you for praying. Please continue.

10 thoughts on “Update on Evangeline

  1. Valerie Wilson

    Poor baby, I’ll be praying she heals quickly. Please tell Evangeline her Grandpa and Grandma Val love her to bits and want her to feel all better very soon!

  2. Mike F

    Marcia and I are very grieved at the news of Evangeline–we’re praying that God’s healing would be very quick in this situation. You are all in our prayers, especially for rest and peace for each of you.

  3. Katie

    Praying for you guys and Evangeline! Wish we could bring you some dinner tonight!!

  4. Evan

    Thanks for the update! We’ll continue our prayers for you 4.

  5. Nayla

    Hi Mel and John,

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m praying for Evangeline! Lots of hugs!

  6. Ma

    That is good news, I’m praying with each hour that goes by, she’ll be feeling better and better. Any chance this could be the flu bug? Keep us all posted. Give E hugs and kisses from Ouma!


    Thank you for alerting us and the up-date. So sorry the the little dear has to experience such a terrible ordeal. Our Sunday School class in Naples is praying for her. We thank you for the encouraging up-date. Love from her Great grandparents.

  8. Leah Miller

    Oh this makes me feel sick! Poor Evangeline, I love that little girl! Please keep us updated.

  9. Jodi Strava

    Praying from Arizona. Precious Lord, watch over your precious child and comfort her family while she heals. Heal her completely so that her family can return to doing your work. Amen

  10. Dena B.

    Still praying. Love Dena

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