Evangeline is in the Hospital

This morning we got up and everything seemed normal. The only thing abnormal about the morning is that Una (Pastor Kenny’s future wife) and I were going to a one day church conference. I tired to get Evangeline to eat breakfast and she was having a hard time. I pushed her a little but finally became satisfied with the amount she ate. Soon after she threw up, and then again, and again. I thought it might be virus and John was there to take care of her, so I left with Una.

Two hours later, I was driving back to the base after John called me and said she was still vomiting every half hour and now diarrhea. I came home to find a very lethargic Evangeline. She could not even keep water down. On the long drive from the base to the city Evangeline was limp, still breathing, but not moving much and sleeping. This is VERY unusual. We got to the hospital and saw our pediatrician right away. She took one look at her and said, “We need to get her on an IV right away.” They hooked her up and took her blood and the test came back positive for food poisoning or something similar. We both have had everything Evangeline had to eat so we are not sure what has caused this. The doctor said that it was good that we acted quick because her health was diminishing fast.

Please pray for Evangeline. She looks so pitiful! below is a picture.

15 thoughts on “Evangeline is in the Hospital

  1. Lea

    We are praying for sweet little Evangeline! So sorry to hear your sweet babe is sick!

  2. Evan

    Good job getting to the hospital so fast. We will be praying for you all.


  3. Shawn

    OH no- praying for quick healing.

  4. Paul & Phyllis Hull

    So sorry to hear that Evangeline is sick. It’s hard to see your little one be so sick. Our prayers are with her and your family.

  5. Mom

    We are so sorry that Evangeline is sick and certainly are praying. We will be anxious to hear an update. We are trusting the Lord for healing and thanking Him that she is getting good care. I’m sure “silky” is a comfort, too! 🙂

  6. Maureen Read

    Nothing worse than a sick baby. Our little 11 month old grandson was in the hospital last week with severe croup and infection.

    Prayers are with you all. Love, Maureen

  7. Brian Whyers

    I’ll bring this up during our service tomorrow John and pray now.

  8. I have to tell you, as a parent, there nothing worse than watching your kids go through painful situations. No matter how old they get it always hard to release them. I was praying for your family this evening, and trust Evangeline has a speedy recovery. Grace and peace to you!

  9. Evelyn Romero

    Father, in the name of Jesus, we come before you asking you to heal little Evangeline. It is written that the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up. We ask that you keep her protected in the palm of your hand, and to guide the doctors in giving her the best of care. Strengthen John and Melissa in getting through this obstacle as they minister to others in your name. Don’t let the evil one get in the way of their work and ministry, but assured them of your eternal love. And to you be the glory, dear Lord, for great things you have done! In Christ’ name, amen! Love, ~ Evelyn

    We love guys. Please keep us updated.

  10. Natasha

    Praying for little Momma!

  11. Eric and Kris

    We are.

  12. Harvey & Mary Davis

    We’ll put Evangeline and your family on the 1st Baptist of Greenhills prayer list at church this morning. Thank you Jesus for keeping your little ones safe!

  13. Donna Chapman

    We are praying also.

  14. Mom

    I want to thank and say, “Amen” to Evelyn for her beautiful and perceptive prayer for our children and grandchildren. God bless you…….

  15. Dena B.

    my heart aches for you and your lil girl. We are most definitely praying for her and you for a fast healthy recovery. Love you guys!

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