Update on Evangeline #2

Evangeline is being released from the hospital today. She seems to be almost at 100%. Her fever seems to be gone and she is getting feistier by the hour. Thank you all so much for lifting her up in prayer.

Last night I got very sick and this morning John did as well. We are quite the pitiful family. please pray that God will bring all back to 100% and that Ellis dos not get it. If she does, it is back in the hospital for us.

Also many of you read that I had a kidney stone. I have officially passed it, it’s not stuck or anything.

Please pray for the village pray that God will continue to grasp their hearts.

10 thoughts on “Update on Evangeline #2

  1. Kristin

    We are praying for you all from Minnesota!

  2. Pam Jensen

    Been praying and will continue to pray. Love you ALL.

  3. Dena B.

    Still and will always pray. PROMISE!

  4. Mom

    Thanks for the update–the good news and the bad news. We will continue to remember all your prayer requests. Love you all—-

  5. Jodi Strava

    Continuing to pray.

  6. John

    I hate throwing up. First time in like 10 years. I remembered the taste and the burning, but I’d forgotten the pain associated with the violent retching. I’ll be ok if it’s another 10 years.

  7. Darlene

    Oh, WOW! I pray you are all well & healthy by now.
    Illness is not fun & hard to manage your work & home.

    Love & prayers,

  8. Darlene

    What was wrong with Evangeline?

    Mel Reply:

    Doctor thinks it was some kind of virus. Their lab isn’t sophisticated enough to isolate which one.


    Good news that evangeline is out out of the woods–so to speak. Perhaps the adults are slower to come down withe the same thing—you may need help—like Evangeline. Good that the stone is gone—don’t make any more, please.

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