On Becoming Belizean

When we first got here, like all missionaries, we floundered. We grasped for familiar things and friends. Sometimes wishing that we could have our own piece of the USA here. Would that have helped us learn the culture? No way. We are still far from experts and still American but some things have changed:

We wear jeans even on the hot and humid days.
We say “tanks” instead of “thanks.
John is a better basketball player.
We say “right now” if someone asks us to come.
Mel wears gold hoop earrings and silver bracelets to fit in.
Ellis and Evangeline have silver bracelets too.
We liked rice and beans, then hated them, and now like them.
Our house does not look like a shack anymore it’s just home.
When being in the village we feel like we are a part of the village.
Fried chicken from a Chinese restaurant is no longer odd.

It is truly comforting to be in a room full of Belizeans and feel like you completely belong. We thank the Lord for our friendships here and the community that He is building for us.

Unrelated note: Thank you for praying, Evangeline is back to 100%.

11 thoughts on “On Becoming Belizean

  1. Mom

    Thanks (or should I say, Tanks) for the glimpse into your lives and the culture of Belize. So glad that the Lord is confirming that this is the place He wants you to serve and is making it home. We praise God for Evangeline’s healing and for all of you!

  2. Natasha

    Awesome! God is faithful!!!

  3. Evan

    This makes me VERY happy! So glad things are feeling right and that Evangeline (and you guys) are back to 100%

  4. Donna Chapman

    Tanks for the update; so glad you are feeling at home there!

  5. Carole

    Yes I remember well, MISS the people and the country!!!!! Your turn!!!!Enjoy only gets better day by day.

  6. Marty

    Best post ever! I expect that God is going to begin to do some very powerful things in and through you. So proud of ALL of you.

  7. Mike F

    very cool and interesting update! now teach your experience to some others–but expect more and deeper levels of adaptation yet to com.


    We are happy to hear that Evangeline and the rest of the family are A OK. Now that you are adapting to local foods and way of life, time will slip by rapidly while you are busy doing evangelisting work. Our sunday school class in Naples has been praying for you—thanking the Lord for answered prayer. We certainly feel honored to have had a nice visit from Mom and dad Bjorgen, brother, Dave, Cameryn and Micah. Tanks for the news we’ve been waiting to hear. Love, Gr. Pa and Gr. Ma Nelson.

  9. Rhondine

    Oh praise the Lord that you all are feeling more comfortable in the place the Lord has called you to serve Him. He is so faithful! Thank you for serving my people! I am a Belizean living in the U.S.A, and by God’s grace I am saved, now feel called back to minister to my people.

    God Bless you all!

  10. Darlene

    This sounds very exciting to me & I’m so glad you are now feeling “at home” where God wants you to serve. PTL

  11. Caroline P.

    So glad that life in Belize has become more “home-y” for y’all!

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