Need Help With Monthly Support

Recently we have experienced a significant drop in our support because a church had to stop giving due to difficult financial times. This church supported us at over $400 a month. This leaves a large hole in our budget that needs to be made up. In addition to this we have lost some individual supporters for various reasons. This is a normal part of the missionary process. The ebb and flow of support varies on a monthly and yearly bases. This being said, we need to make up about $500 a month in support by the end of March.

Since posting initially to our group in Facebook, we have had three people ask us to pass along our information to churches and 1 person increase their support to us. If we do not raise the support by March from Mexico, John will need consider going to the USA and try to raise support from there for about a month. That means that ministry will be put on hold for us. This is, of course, is not our desired outcome.

If our work with church planting and our precious special needs ministry has blessed your heart, would you please consider giving to us monthly or possibly increasing your support? We consider our supporters as an extension of our ministry that enable us to do the work that God has called us to do. Without you, we could never be here in Mexico.

How to support?

Go here: or respond to this e-mail for other options (or message via facebook)

How to increase?

Contact me via Facebook messenger or

If you are a church or representative of a church and would like to support us please contact us via e-mail or facebook messenger.

Want more information? Please contact us on any forum we have stated above.

And please, as always, PRAY FOR US. Thank you so much. We love you all.

One thought on “Need Help With Monthly Support

  1. I have been trying to update my support because I got a new debit card. The link to my Converge giving was thus broken, and now for the life of me I cannot log in to the system, have asked for new password, etc…nothing. Tried calling…nothing…can you help me get to the bottom of this!? Thanks!
    Jenn Cook

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