If You Testify, You Die

Some of you may know that in the past six months two of Belize Mission and Retreats boat engines were “thieved” (this is the Belizean way to say stolen, so I will use it). There are people in the village who have a good idea who thieved the engines but NO ONE will come forward. This has been a mystery to John and I and one that we wanted to uncover. Why won’t anyone in the village come forward when someone commits a crime?

We have just been comfortable enough to ask these questions to the villagers themselves. Several of them have told us that there is no witness protection program in this country. If you testify against someone, their family will come after you and you are as good as dead. Also, if you tell on one of your friends, it’s viewed as a severe betrayal and you will suffer a sort of a “shunning” from the family you betrayed (or worse).

While we have been here there have been a lot of “thievings” in the village. A villager was held at gun point in his house Sunday night and his boat engine was stolen. Because he recognized their voices, he was able to tell the police who he thinks it is, but who knows what will happen.

The Bible study group that I am leading while Vera is away is so concerned for the village, and we are too! Oh that this village would turn their hearts to Christ! Villagers are afraid that God will pour out his wrath on the village or something like a murder will eventually happen as a result of the villagers sin. Please, please pray with us for the village. Pray that God will capture their hearts for him. Pray. that those who have information on wrong-doings will come forward with it, pray for the courage of the Christians of the village. Please pray that the Lord will guide and direct John and I as to what we need to be prepared for when we live here. Pray for the Belize Mission and Retreat staff, that God will protect them and guide them, and grant them wisdom as to what to do in each situation ( they are already so wise but more wisdom won’t hurt :-)).

On lighter note, here are a few pictures, one of which is a belly pic that some of you have been asking for. We have been doing well. John’s leg is healing, the baby is moving, the wind is blowing (FINALLY!). Just click on the pics to make them bigger. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “If You Testify, You Die

  1. Alright, I see you Mel Mel! I am praying with you on that “thieving” business. Not cool! Braids do make sense!!! They do!

  2. Tania

    Mel, uou looking like a true missionary girl! I will be praying with you for the village and all your concerns.

  3. Donna Chapman

    I am so glad the Lord has you and John there to help lead these people in “THE Way, The TRUTH, and The LIGHT! May God bless and protect you for your willingness to be used; May the Belezians see your faithfulness and love for them and turn to HIM!

    DC Girl

  4. Tim Bjorgen

    Ok, here’s what you do. Set a boat engine in the yard with a sign that says “Don’t thieve me.” Then, have some jumper cables attached to it from a high voltage battery. When they try to thieve, they get a big shock. You might also try something like, “Thou shalt not steal.” 🙂

  5. Caroline Privette

    Our prayers are with you and everyone in the village! Thanks for posting these pics—We have dial-up and, unfortunately, can’t watch any of the videos you post. P.S. That’s a beautiful baby belly!

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