Jonathan Bjorgen had a Great Fall – UPDATED

Poor John, he seems to be taking all the blows this trip. “Better me than you”, he says. While that may be true, I still feel bad.

Today we hopped in the van to pick up kids in the village for Sunday School. They can walk, but some are so far away that by the time they get there, Sunday school is half over. We really enjoy this part of Sunday. The smiling faces we see and the giggles, make us very happy. Not to mention the cute little toddlers that have to be helped onto the van by John. It truly is a joy.

Like last week, the van was so full of kids that John had to ride on the bumper of the van. This is very common and villagers do it all the time. But this week was different. Instead of riding on the side bumper with ridges, and wide enough to hold him, he rode on the slick, rounded, slim back bumper. Not a good fit for a man of his size.

We were headed back to the church and I went just a little too fast which made him slip, and then I slowed to go over the speed bump (yes there are even speed bumps in the village), but it was too late, when I went over the speed bump I heard a thump. In my mirror I could see him thrown to the ground and do a full back roll. He got so scratched up! HUGE scratches on his leg. And then scratches here and there all over his body. Plus he rolled in dirt and rocks so he was very dirty and in a lot of pain.

Thankfully, he did not get severly injured, but he is pretty much sore all over, and is back to limping around and now the challenge is to keep his wound clean, dust-free and bug-free. Poor guy. The scorpion and now this. It was just a series of unfortunate oversights that caused this one.

Needless to say, regardless of the small village guys riding on the back bumper, he will NEVER ride back there again.

Ok, So I peeled off the bandages today and I figured I’d take a couple pictures to satisfy Dave’s morbid curiosity. I’ve got road rash on both knees and my left foot and elbow, but the worst of it is on my left calf. Here’s a couple pics:

8 thoughts on “Jonathan Bjorgen had a Great Fall – UPDATED

  1. Dave

    Dude, it sounds like you need a bit of practice with your bumper surfing. :p

    Hope you heal soon!

  2. Dave

    I hate to be the morbid one here but…pictures? 😛

  3. Tim


  4. Mom

    You have had a rough summer, John! I hurt for you—-I wish there was something I could do. Do you have first-aid and bandages? Please be careful, both of you. How did visitation go on Sat.? We are praying for you.

  5. Kristin Sherid

    You probably need to fire the driver. 🙂 Sorry about the “great fall” John. Sounds painful. :-{ I hope you have some ibuprofen too.

  6. Leah

    oh man, poor John! I think John is going to need some Angel Sweet as soon as he gets back!

    Mel, I am sure you are a good nurse.

    See you guys soon. Jason’s surprise party was a success! He had no idea!

  7. Jodi

    Ouch, I’m so sorry!

  8. Tim Bjorgen

    Sorry John, I know that has to hurt. I’ve had road rash a few times from rollerblade spills. Doesn’t feel good, especially if you have to wear pants.

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