The Village- A Video

Over the past couple of days we have been visiting the villagers. We introduce ourselves and tell them that we will be working with Vera and Basil. Some engage in conversation, most don’t, but that’s ok. We just want to them to know who we are. We’ve really come to enjoy this time.

I’m doing fairly well. I’ve noticed a bit more exhaustion taking hold as the weeks go by. I’ve learned to space what I do with rest. If I plan to go to the village in the afternoon, I take it easy in the morning. I have also been randomly bursting into tears (just a couple of times). I’ve successfully held them back until I was just around John. He’s been doing well taking care of a pregnant woman crying just because she is tired. I don’t usually cry for things like that, but, I guess the hormones take over until I feel overwhelmed that the only thing that will help is a “good cry”.

Here is a small tour of the village:

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3 thoughts on “The Village- A Video

  1. marty

    Thanks for the updates, you are in our prayers. Jude gave us the names of 20 folks in the village which will be given to each of our Belize team members to begin praying for them in hopes that they can meet up with them while in Gales Point.
    His Strength,

  2. Dave

    Love the videos. Keep them coming. And John, I’m digging your hat.

  3. Leah

    Great Video! Looking good Mel, oh and you too John. LOL
    Yep, sometimes we just have to cry, even though I hate doing it too.
    See you guys on Thursday!

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