Evangeline Walks- Video

Last week we made a very brief trip to MD. River of Life Church invited us to speak at their missions emphasis Sunday. We could not pass up the opportunity to speak at a church or to see my parents. We had a blessed time.

For some time now we have been thinking that Evangeline would walk. While in MD we worked with her but could only get a few steps out of her. Today I put her down and she took about ten steps. It was so COOL. She brings us great joy during this stressful and uncertain time. Below is a video of her walking. All we need is $5,000 more to make it to Belize. Please continue to pray.

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5 thoughts on “Evangeline Walks- Video

  1. You all are doing such a great job raising a precious little girl!

  2. Ma

    Oha that warmed my heart getting to see her, it so much fun to see these events and even more so for you guys to experience them! Enjoy each of these precious moments. I love you guys, Ma

  3. Mom

    Thank you so much for sharing this milestone with us! It is the next best thing to being there. “Toddling” opens up new worlds for baby and new stresses for Mommy & Daddy. 🙂 (Can you tell I was in the church nursery with a 13-month old Sun. night and last night?) Evangeline is a precious gift to our family, and we thank God for her.

  4. Leah Miller

    SO CUTE! YAY for Evangeline!!! Can’t wait to see her at her 1st Birthday party. Wow, only $5,000 left, that is AMAZING. Only God can do something like that.

  5. How exciting! Glad to see Evangeline taking those first steps toward freedom! And glad to hear that you are so incredibly close to have 100% +15k raised. You’ll be in Belize before you know it!

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