Prayer Request

Please be in prayer for Vera. One of the railings on the porch on the mission base failed and she fell this morning (about 10 ft). She fractured several bones in her foot. Please be in prayer for her as she’s scheduled for surgery in Belize tomorrow morning.

Basil is the only other staff right now, and there’s a team there, so that makes things very difficult logistically. I’m not sure if he’s able to be with her in Belize City for the surgery.

We’ll update as we know more.

UPDATE: Just talked to Basil. He said that the surgery went well. She’s been released but is on strong pain meds. They put three screws and a plate in to her left foot. Recovery time will take a couple months, so we’re hoping to get down there to relieve some of the work load ASAP. She’ll be in Belize City recovering for a little while. Please continue to pray for her. Also that the fall did not further injure her neck.

2 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. Bill & Stacy

    You and everyone at the mission always. But tonight special prayers for you and surgery tomorrow.
    All our love,
    Bill & Stacy

  2. Mom

    We have been praying for Vera and all those at the Retreat. Thank you for informing us and giving us that privilege. We are trusting the Father to care for them and to be glorified in this.

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