Bells in the air

Do you hear the wedding bells ringing? We are preparing to celebrate the weddings of both our pastor ( Kenny Welch ) and our associate pastor ( Shannon Welch ). This is a big deal, since marriage and God-centered families are something that have been almost universally abandoned in our village. Shannon and Amanda are getting married in a small private ceremony on March 15th. Kenny and Una will be celebrating with family, friends, and the whole village in a larger affair on April 9th. Please pray for both of these couples that they will be able to be able to model Christ-centered marriages to the village, who will be watching closely.

Mel and I and Basil and Vera are wishing to make this a very special occasion for both couples. With the expense of weddings, their meager incomes are already strained to the limit. Neither couple could afford a honeymoon. We and a few friends have chipped in toward a honeymoon for both couples, but we’re still a little short of where we’d like to be. If you’re interested in chipping in a bit to make this a special time, we’d love to add your name to the card :). Because of the short time please donate only through paypal (or contact us to make other arrangements):

small print: This is not a tax deductible donation…it’s just a gift.

Thanks to all those who are willing to help! I’ll report back with the results!

2 thoughts on “Bells in the air

  1. Evan

    Great Idea!! Thanks for letting us be a part of it 🙂

  2. Cameryn Bjorgen

    I’m so happy for them! Send them my congradulations!

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