Coming up for air…

So it’s been raining here. Alot. I’ve only been here since Tuesday (and it’s rained every day), but evidently, right before we got here, a tropical depression parked itself over Belize and dumped for several days in a row.

So here’s the situation…The road to the village is 3-5 ft under water in some places. We can’t get the village that way. As some of you may know, our boat engine was stolen earlier this year, so we can’t get to the village that way. As a result, we’re stuck with option number 3 to get the team into the village. Unfortunately, option 3 is hiring a water taxi at $600 USD per trip (and remember…he’s got to pick us up in a little over a week to bring us back). As you can see, being without our boat is a huge problem for our ministry. We’re continuing to pray that God will lift up partners who are willing to help with a new (or even a used) boat engine. Also, we had to purchase a portable generator ($1500 USD), as our solar electric system has been extremely crippled with all of the cloud cover, and we’re still awaiting a cam shaft (which had to be sourced from Ireland) to fix our big generator.

It’s just been one of those years where God has been stretching the faith of the Belize Mission and Retreat Staff, both through health issues and financial issues. And yet, through it all, I can say with confidence that He’s been faithful. We’ve never had any excess this year, but it seems that God has provided just enough to for us to keep the mission up and running. Even despite all the difficulty, we’ve continued to see spiritual fruit in the village. We’ve had several baptisms in the village. We’ve seen several others demonstrate growing spiritual fruit, even when it cost them dearly. We had one couple get married last week and another is getting married in a couple weeks. All these things may seem small, but they are changes that are years in the making, and are very exciting to our staff.

So even though we’re physically flooded out, and we’re emotionally coming up and gasping for air, we’re getting the spiritual breath of life, and the air is oh-so-sweet!

4 thoughts on “Coming up for air…

  1. jodi

    Praise the Lord!

  2. Mel

    Hi Honey! Glad to hear all those wonderful things! I miss you! have fun with the team.

  3. Mom

    It sounds like you are engaged in spiritual warfare. But thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph through Christ Jesus. How much does a used boat motor cost? Has the team arrived? We are waiting to hear what the Lord will do next.

  4. John

    Yes. The team has arrived and we’re down at the base. I’m not sure what a used engine would cost. A new one cost $6400 when they purchased it in Feb. I’m assuming a decent used one costs somewhat less than that, but how much I’m not sure.

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