Back to Belize

I’m in the airport again this morning awaiting my flight back to Belize. Basil has to be in the states for the next couple weeks due to some health issues and we have a team coming down to Belize. Having just spent 5 weeks learning the ropes, I’m the logical replacement host. I’ll be helping Vera out for the next 3 days (since she actually knows what she’s doing) as we prepare for the team’s arrival on Saturday. I’ll be staying on until the teams leaves on the next Saturday, the 1st of November.

Seems almost surreal to be going back barely a month since we last returned. Mel will not be accompanying me on this trip, as we feel she’s too far along in her pregnancy that the risks outweigh the rewards. If you remember, say a little prayer for her as she holds down the fort alone this week while I’m gone.

More as the week progresses…