Update on John in Belize

Last night, John called me. It was a total surprise. So with my hormones going crazy I bawled like a baby. I really miss him a lot! We are always around each other and we get along! LOL! So being without my Best Friend has been hard.

Everything is going VERY well in Belize. They were able to get the generator up and running, so now they have a back-up power source, PTL! The lumber for the house that the Cornerstone team is building is coming in today. This is a major praise because they were not certain the lumber would get to the village in time because of the roads. Also, there is a a nurse on the Cornerstone team. It was not planned, but she has now set up clinic in the village. This is awesome because the villagers need as much medical attention as they can get when they can get it. I’m praising God for this. Please continue to pray for John because he still has several important items to accomplish, and he will need our prayers.

I have my 30 week appointment today. Yay! 10 more weeks to go. I’m very excited. I’m down to visiting the doctor every two weeks now. Thank you for your prayers during this time.

4 thoughts on “Update on John in Belize

  1. John & Mel,
    Really glad things are going well for both of you. Mel, hang in there, God is working for you and will give you a real blessing in 10 weeks. John, Glad to hear things are under control at the mission. But I must say that we were concerned with all the rain you’ve had. Did they have flooding again at the village? or did the water level rise that much like back in May?
    God’s blessing on you both. Wish we could be there to help.
    Bill & Stacy

  2. Leah

    Glad you heard from John. Only a few more days and he will be home!

  3. Tammy

    Hey girl! Great talking to you last night! Love You!

  4. Mom

    Thanks so much for the update on both of you. I was praying the Lord would alter the team’s plans according to His will. I guess the clinic was an unexpected part of His plan. If you get lonely, give me a call. (Being mindful of the time difference 🙂 By the way, we will be setting our clocks back an hour on Sat. I guess there will be only 2 hours difference then. Love and prayer,

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