An Overdue Post

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry for not posting earlier. We got home from our trip to MN and we were so exhausted. It was all we could do to get ourselves to the doctors to get the posted u/s picture! By the way, we had a test for downs and neural tube defects, and everything looks very healthy for the baby. PTL!

On Saturday we are headed to Washington State for eight days to visit churches (this is what we have been working on for the the past couple weeks). We ask that you please be in prayer for us as we make this trip. We have SEVEN appointments so far. This is very exciting for us. We are speaking on two Sundays at different churches. Please pray that we will make great connections and that some of these churches will commit to supporting us monthly and maybe some individuals. Thank you so much. We’ll be posting to keep you updated on how our trip is going.

We hope you all are doing great. We love you!

3 thoughts on “An Overdue Post

  1. Leah

    Will be praying for you. Do you have all your airport rides situated?

  2. Lea

    Congrats guys!! That is great news, and I hope all goes well in Washington!

  3. Tania

    Great to hear that you will be meeting with so many churches. I pray that this will be a fruitful trip for you.

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