8 thoughts on “13 Week Ultrasound Picture

  1. Jodi


  2. Maria Campbell

    Hi, I didn’t know that you are pregnant!! Congratulations!

  3. Mom

    I can actually make out our grandchild, but I’m not sure who he/she looks like. 🙂 Your baby is beautiful already. Praise God!

  4. Leah

    Wow, the baby has really grown. so cute

  5. Wow, It’s a baby!!!! I can see the umbilical cord really well, waiting to find out if we will have a girl or boy???? What a beautiful child, a wonderful blessing from God!!!! Love Ma

  6. Tammy Starr


  7. Jenifer O'Neal

    Oh how precious is that. Makes me miss being pregnant…however, I can’t seem to talk Chris into trying again. I am so very happy for you both! We miss you guys!


  8. Deborah Guest

    Wonderful!! Isn’t it amazing that you can really see him/her already? How exciting!

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