4 thoughts on “The track is back!

  1. I forgot to ask if you were flying or driving???? Which is it??? Be safe whichever, we’re praying hard for you! You show them that Holy Spirit, Spirit that you guys have!!! I’ll bet the little one inside is praying too! Can’t wait to see you the countdown is on. 19 more days and you’ll be Belize bound for a month! Too bad it’s not the final move. Love Ma and Pa

  2. Leah

    Are you guys driving to Washington?

  3. Mom

    I’m glad you had a safe flight to WA and that the Lord prepared the way—another place to stay and even a casserole that had no cheese on half! We love you and are praying for you 3. Say “Hello” to the Sires for us!

  4. John

    Nope…we didn’t drive to Washington, but we’re doing a lot of driving while we’re here. You’ll notice that the map page has been updated to show a rental car (complete with Enterprise logo) or a plane depending on our mode of travel at the moment. 🙂 Kewl.

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