A Couple of Days and a Scorpion Sting Later. *Video*

Last evening, because of the pleas of a young lady in the village, I went over (with John) to lead “girls night”. Turns out, only two girls showed up, but that is ok, I painted their fingernails and we had a good time chatting. I was a lot of fun. Girls night soon became girls and boys night when a couple of young guys came by and started to hang out. So we invited them to th nearby store “Gentle’s Cool Spot”, bought them some Cokes and John had a wonderful time playing “Uno” with them. I happened to get reacquainted with Jill, a villager who is actually from the states but married a man from Gales Point. It was so nice catching up with her. Please pray for her and her husband Emmeth (pronounced Emit), they need the Lord.

In the middle of the night, John got out of bed and was stung by a scorpion. Boy was he hurt! He tried to kill it but could not get to it in time. I was standing on the toilet. The scorpion is still lurking in the house. YIKES. John woke up with a very sore foot and numb lips (a side effect so we hear). We really needed to get to Spanish Lookout (Mennonite community) today to pick up an ATV and other supplies. He was such a trooper! His foot is still a little sore.

Below is a video of the past couple of days. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “A Couple of Days and a Scorpion Sting Later. *Video*

  1. Mom

    I’m sure sorry the scorpion got you, John, but I’m thankful that you seem to be doing better and that Mel wasn’t hurt. Each day is an adventure isn’t it? I had fire ants beneath my clothesline in Pensacola, too. Carry a little squirt bottle of ammonia in your pocket. You’re looking very “maternal” these days! I bought another outfit for our granddaughter today. 🙂 I took dinner to the Radcliffs last night. 4 1/2 lb. baby Tory is doing very well. “Fearfully and wonderfully made.”

  2. Kristin Sherid

    WHat an adventuresome day! Sorry about the bite John. But the 4 wheeler looks fun. Thanks for the update and video.

  3. marty

    Wow, the adventure begins! We miss you here but know God is preparing you for great things to come!

  4. Valerie

    John, that sounds painful. Ouch! Watch out for the black widows, too. I have a friend who went to Belize, was rafting when a black widow spider landed on her.

    Stay safe!

    Love, Val

  5. Dave

    Rock on, John. Way to live on the wild side!

  6. Tim Bjorgen

    Don’t you love 4 wheelers? I love cruising around on them at camp. Sorry about the scorpion…

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