Anatomy of a Sting

For those who’ve never had the good fortune to experience a scorpion sting, let me describe for you the feelings and sensations of my experience.

We had a bit of a squall come up, so I jumped out of bed to close the windows on the windward side so that it the driving rain wouldn’t come in. In my inexperience, I failed to look before I leaped. I stepped out of bed and must have stepped on or immediately next to the scorpion (it was totally dark, so I didn’t see it). I first became aware of its presence when I felt something similar to a bee sting on the side of my right foot. I stepped over and turned on the light…still unaware of what quite happened.

It began to click in my head that it might be a scorpion as the bee sting sensation evolved into feeling like someone violently jabbed a dart into the side of my foot. I was still trying to get visual confirmation to find out for sure, but my assailant was nowhere to be seen. Finally, as I moved a chair, I saw it scamper into a crevice between the wall and the floor. It was definitely a scorpion, about an inch and a half long.

By this time, it felt as if someone had yanked out the dart and tried to cure the problem with a sharp blow with a ball peen hammer. At this point, I decided that it would be prudent to return to a reclining position where I could more comfortably concentrate on grimacing and groaning to the greatest extent. Mel did not completely agree as she was quite comfortable standing on the toilet.

Within the hour, my erstwhile imaginary caregiver had realized the futility of the ball peen and taken up a mini-sledge to give the area a good working over. After significant urging, I’d managed to get Melissa to retire from the bathroom to the bed again. She’d decided to take it upon herself to maintain an all-night vigil – not to watch over her wounded husband in solitude and prayer, but to make sure that the scorpion dare not rear its ugly head again.

I had taken two Tylenol almost immediately after the sting in anticipation of the anguish to come. At some point, this must have kicked in, because I drifted into a restless sleep. I awoke with not much change to the foot, but with a new, unexpected sensation. My lips, the front of my tongue, and my front teeth were tingling and feeling strange. I later discovered that this is a fairly normal effect.

Slowly throughout the next 12 hours the pain changed and faded from the hammer crushing to a more mild fire inside of my foot, and especially my toes. I went to bed that night with the flames still licking at them, although the tingling in my lips had nearly completely ceased. By the time I awoke this morning, the effects were almost completely gone. I was feeling perfectly fine by the time we went to the church to clean the floors.

So now you have a fairly good idea of the experience and will no longer have to seek it out for yourself to see how it feels. I hope that this has been helpful 🙂

14 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Sting

  1. Tania

    That was a very vivid and helpful description. Thank you. I will try to avoid experiencing it for myself. I’m pray that God will keep you as you serve Him.

  2. Kristin Sherid

    Thank you for the detailed description. I can now take that off my list of “Things I need to do before I die.” -Sorry you had to go through that. I’m glad you’re feeling better today.

  3. James

    OUCH 🙂

    obviously, the scorpion is an evil creature 😉

  4. Matt

    Glad you are ok. Do they have anything to treat scorpion stings or is it like the c ommon cold? Just have to deal with it? Just curious.


  5. Jodi

    Thanks for the description!

  6. Mel

    Matt, they have nothing to treat it. You just have to wait it out.

  7. Mom

    That sounds horrific! It makes me think about what our Lord must have endured for us when they nailed Him to the cross. I hope you have a flashlight and use it! Please be careful; we are praying for you all.

  8. Matt

    Hey, I just thought of something. Would it be wise to get some of those real sticky flat mouse traps and keep a couple of those around the interior perimeter of the house? People use them for big bugs too. Just a thought.


  9. Mandy Klint

    This inspires me to continue to be careful for those nasty critters. Thanks for the descriptive narration of your experience.

  10. Justin Facenda

    I am sorry that you had to experience this situation, but I have to admit I sure did get a good long laugh at your expense. I am pretty sure that I read a story similar to that in my “redneck board game” if you remember it.


  11. Mom

    A friend who was plagued with scorpions in Texas suggests covering any vent openings with fine-mesh screen, including ceiling vents.

  12. John, you and I need to collaborate our books, it sounds like an experience that should go down in history. I’m not sure but I think you sting cleared up quicker then Basil’s did! I’ll have to ask him when he wakes up. Remember the lights on the side of the bed posts at the end of the bed they do come in handy when being aroused during the night, either thru squalls, dogs barking, or general strange sounds of the jungle! You’re a real survivor. I’m just glad that you took the sting for Mel, so she wouldn’t have to go thru that at this time. What a hero you are, saving her from the distress of being attacked herself! We miss you guys and are so proud you find the humor in it all. Our love and prayers! Ma and Pa

  13. donald h

    Scorpions come in nests, probably under your house. Have you been under to find out? Could be scary down there with the nest. What do they suggest you kill them with (other than a shoe)?

    I poured old motor oil down the nest. Must be something better on the market by now, especially since you don’t have a car.

  14. Ann Wallace

    That was so funny… Melissa, that sounded like I would react!!! But John, really I am sorry about the pain. I have the worst pain from a yellow jacket sting much less a scorpion. You guys are so brave! I am proud of you!

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