What We’ve Been Up to and…. A VIDEO OF US

Wow has it been busy! After Vera and Basil left, we needed to get groceries. In Belize, you can’t just get everything at the local Wal-Mart. Nope. We had to go to several stores to get what we wanted. Below is a video of us going shopping in Belize City. If you look closely at one point, you can see my baby belly.

Since being here on the base I’ve become quite the domesticated woman. I figured out how to do laundry and dried clothes on a clothesline for THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. I’ve cooked almost every meal, baked banana bread (Yummy), and swept and swept and SWEPT! It is really sandy here. John has been working with Popsie, the grounds manager here (he is Belizean). It’s important that He build a strong relationship of respect and trust with Popsie. Please pray for that.

Tonight John led a youth Bible study, and tomorrow I will go out to the village to lead the “girl’s night out.” I plan on painting toenails and giving a bible study where the topic will simply be “Jesus.” God has really been laying it on my heart to name the name of Jesus Christ throughout this village — something that Vera and Basil have done extremely well. We really want to continue proclaiming His NAME. By the way, the Bible study went well, but there were many distractions (This is not unusual.); please pray that distractions will be minimal or eradicated in the Bible studies to come.

More later… until then, enjoy the video below.

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6 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Up to and…. A VIDEO OF US

  1. Leah

    Hey, that video was great!

  2. You guys are too much! You should have shown more of what it’s like to find grocery items that are not typically there. Actually you guys are doing a great job. Thank you for taking such a wonderful interest in the village, the people and the ministry. You guys are such a God send to us and the village. We love you and give the baby a pat on the tummy for us. Basil BTW has fallen in love with Lilianna! He’s even bragging about her!!! Yippee! Love, Ma and Pa

  3. Donna Chapman

    Love the video…. you are barely showing , dc girl! (Keep eating those chips and you’ll show 🙂

  4. Kristin Sherid

    the video’s great. gives us a better idea of what it’s like there. keep ’em coming!

  5. Valerie

    Very interesting, it’s nice to see where you’re living and it’s good to see you boh healthy and happy.
    Love, Val XO

  6. Tim Bjorgen

    Nice steady camerawork, John. LoL. Love the videos!

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