We are Official Commissioned Missionaries (video included)

Last night was AMAZING. We were officially commissioned as missionary appointees! YAY! God was certainly in that place as John and I gave a short testimony and was prayed over. There was something so incredible about being circled by other believers as they laid their hands on us and prayed. God was in that place, and I believe he was smiling and praising with us and the others that were commissioned.

Here is a short clip of our testimony. You might have to turn the volume up because it’s a little hard to hear. If you look close, you might be able to tell I’m pregnant.


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7 thoughts on “We are Official Commissioned Missionaries (video included)

  1. Kristin Sherid

    That is fantastic! I love the video.

  2. Matt

    John and Melissa,
    I like getting your updates…..we are praying f or you..


  3. Jodi

    I loved the video!

  4. Leah

    Woohoo! Congratulations!

  5. Mom

    It is precious to see you working together as a team—–the Lord doesn’t make mistakes! You both are learning and growing so much, and it wonderful that you are sharing your enthusiasm with others and are eager to lead them to heavenly treasure.

  6. Carol

    Standing together on God’s faithfulness is a challenge. We’re praying for you being used in a “mighty way”.

  7. Dad

    Hi Guys –

    I look forward to being able to support you. I am looking forward to coming down and working with you doing whatever….



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