WOW, is all we can say about our trip to Belize (you really want to read this)

These past 10 days we have shared our blog with the Lakeview team that has been here. They are leaving today. In fact, They should have taken off an hour ago. We will be leaving tomorrow. Read on to see how AMAZING our God is.

EVERY DAY on this trip God revealed to John and I why he is sending us to Belize.

Our trip with the villagers:

I was able to reconnect with many of the women that I have become friends with. Especially a girl named Tifara. She became a Christian about two years ago. Last summer, when we were in Belize, I cultivated a friendship with her. It is now blooming. She is now able to share her struggles with me. She told me, “Mel, I am so ready for you to live here. I can not wait. Oh man, I just can not wait.” It REALLY warmed my heart. I knew that having Evangeline would open MANY doors for me to be able to minister to women. I was able to get a small glimpse of that this week. The villagers are so open and welcoming when you have a baby. Everyone wants to hold her and they view her as a prize. Evangeline will make the pieces of the puzzle fit together in my ministry to young women. Especially those who do not go to church.

PRAISE THE LORD THERE WAS A SALVATION IN THE VILLAGE THIS WEEK!!!!! John was helping the team with VBS and noticed a new man in the village (new to John) in his twenties named James (John had never met him before because he was in prison). He found out that James was awaiting murder charges. John sat down with this village man and talked to him for a long time and shared the gospel with him. After the conversation, John had to leave the village. But that night, James came out to the base. Basil, not knowing about the conversation John had with him before, met with James down by the ocean and shared the gospel again with him. That time, he prayed and accepted Christ as his savior! AMAZING! AMEN!

Our time with the team this week:

Basil and Vera said this was on of the best teams they have had. They were amazing. We had the privilege of leading this team. It was our first taste of what life will be like when we live here permanently. We were able to challenge the youth to consider listening to God and see if He is calling them into full time ministry or missions. By the end of the week three students said that they felt God calling them to missions. I was able to have a lengthy conversation with one female student on how to have assurance of that calling. By the end of the week I followed up with her and she said she felt sure that God was calling her to the mission field! AMEN!

One night, John and I came back to our cabana and we almost said at the same time “This is it”. We know that we know that we know that we know, without a shadow of a doubt that God wants us here. We always knew, but God really took time to reveal it to us this week. Even in the form of us getting a new support partner! WOW! YAY! PTL! We are sad to leave but so ready to raise the rest of our funds and get back here to serve the LORD.

To Ken Hughes, thank you so much for letting us borrow your youth. You should be VERY proud of them. We hope to be able to speak with you when you get back about the trip when you get a chance. Great job to the team leaders Brian and Judy. You both are AWESOME.

To the team: You guys are so COOL. See you next summer some of you. Please, someone let us know if you got in safe.

How Evangeline did:

Our little girl was such a trooper! Hardly any whining or fussiness. She allowed anyone and everyone to hold her (of course her favorites are still mommy, and then daddy :-)). The most difficult part were the nights. I think because of the heat and persperation she wanted to feed more. It seemed at times she woke up because she was too hot and then realized she was hungry. Poor little girl. We are very proud of her. It seems like she was made for life in Belize. She will just have to get used to the heat.

Thank you all for your prayers! Please continue to pray that God sends partners our way! Vera and Bsil need us down here ASAP. We want to be here ASAP because once you see the vision of what God has you doing for the rest of your life, well, lets just say, you want to jump right and and do it. AMEN!

10 thoughts on “WOW, is all we can say about our trip to Belize (you really want to read this)

  1. Donna Chapman

    Thank you both for giving us these details we are hungry to hear about our youth about you and John about Evangeline (is that a perfect name or what???) about Basil and Vera about the people of Belize! Gracias! Bella, Bella! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  2. Lisa

    Hey! Brian wanted me to let you know that they landed safely in Miami. They are going through customs right now and will board the other plane shortly. Thanks for taking such good care of them while they were there!

  3. Mike

    Great report; thanks for the good news. I will be planning another December trip to Belize.

  4. April Menking

    What a wonderful trip for you! How great it is to be 100% sure this is where the Lord has you to go!! Praise the Lord for the soul saved!

  5. Milissa Martin

    Dear Mel & John,

    Thank you so much for hosting the Lakeview Youth. Niki has come back with some great stories and I am sure she has some that she has forgotten. She definitely wants to come back next year. I am glad it had a great impact on her. I know this was an experience that she will never forget. Again thank you and we will be praying for you guys as well.


  6. Mom

    Truly, God never sends without enabling and supplying. It is exciting how He is opening doors, using Evangeline (“a little child shall lead them”), bearing fruit among the villagers, and causing growth in the youth. His ways are perfect. Thanks for sharing the wonderful report. Praying for you as you return home. How is Vera doing after her fall? Love you all,

  7. Jodi

    What a wonderful report! I am so thankful for Evangeline.

  8. Kenneth Hughes

    John amd Mel thank you so much for taking such great care of our youth. It means more to me than you will ever know. John I am excited that you were able to lead someone to Christ. God’s timing is perfect.
    Vera and Basil thank you for hosting our youth. You gave them an incredible opportunity and I am very grateful.
    Students thank you for going on this trip. You have made an impact that will last a lifetime. Thank you for taking the opportunity. I pray we will all work together to make our youth group great. You guys are the oldest and we need your leadership. I look foreword to hearing your stories. I am so proud of each of you.
    Brian and Judy thank you for taking time out of your life to go and lead. You guys are amazing. God bless you both.
    Parents, thank you for allowing your students to have this opportunity to go and serve. I know it was hard to let them go but I know their lives will never be the same. I want to encourage you to continue to encourage them. Please do not let them forget this time.
    Our trip in Jakarta is over. We flew out at 10:00pm Thursday night. It is now 9:40am Friday in Seoul, South Korea. We fly out at 10:20am and arrive in Atlanta at 10:50am your time. We get our day back. We should be to the church at 5 or 6pm
    God bless you all.

  9. Kris Radcliff

    Mel and John,
    This is one of the most exciting and touching blogs you have shared! I’m so happy for you in the full realization of what God has for you. There is NOTHING like knowing you are where He wants you to be when He wants you to be there! Much Love and continued prayers!

  10. Kay Abelman

    God IS good. Praise Him for the seeds that were sown during your trip and lives that are changing. Praying that you will soon be back in Belize. Hope to se you soon. I need my computer worked on, John.

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