A trip to Oregon and Washington

Here we are in Washington after a three day stay in Oregon visiting churches. We were in Oregon visiting three churches. Last Sunday John was given the opportunity to preach at a church service. He did an awesome job. I’m really proud of him. At another church, to my great surprise, I was reunited with my K-4 teacher! I did not know that she was the wife of the pastor we were visiting until the pastor and I got to talking about Maryland. One thing lead to another and, surprise, there she was sitting with me in the pastors office. We were able to catch up on life and ministry. What a small world. There is a picture of her and I below. We ended our stay in Oregon meeting with a pastor at Temple Baptist Church in the city of Portland. The church is BEAUTIFUL and the property and facility that they have to minister to the community is amazing. We really enjoyed our visits with all of the pastors we met.

Yesterday we headed to Washington. While we are here we are visiting supporting churches and trying to make contacts. We are so close to getting to Belize. If you look to your right, you will see that our support-o-meter says 68%. Yes! PTL! He is really blessing us. Please continue to pray that our support goes up so we can get to Belize ASAP.

I apologize for not updating you all on a regular basis, the days are flying by for us. Since we are trying to get to Belize, we are keeping VERY busy. Hopefully I can do a better job of keeping you all up-to-date on what is going on.

Please, please, if you know of anyone, or any church that will be willing to meet with us, let us know. We are ready to get to Belize, but also waiting on the Lord. We recognize that we can’t do this without your help. Thanks for your support.

6 thoughts on “A trip to Oregon and Washington

  1. Donna Chapman

    YOU and Evangeline look beautiful. The Youth from Lakeview were really touched bytheir trip to Belize; a few are thinking about becoming missionaries after their experience.

    I do thank God for your increase in support and pray it would MULTIPLY so you can get on down to Belize and help Basil and Vera.

    Miss you DC girl!


  2. Ma

    You know I was just thinking I hadn’t heard from you in awhile, so I was going to send you an email and there was a posting from your blog. You know you’re in our prayers and the teams that have come this summer are praying for you too! We have shared with the churches that have come since you were here that you are in need of personal support, so I’ll send you an email of the churches so perhaps you can at least contact them. This last church was from Columbia, S.C. not far from your stomping ground. Isn’t it fun Mel when you meet up with past School Teachers, I met one of mine when i was working for Basil when we were dating, actually see was my 4th grade teacher too! Evangeline is getting more precious by the moment. BTW, Sarsha recommitted her life to the Lord w/me on Sat. pray for her as she’s is struggling Love ya, and hugs, Ma

  3. Daniel

    Congratulations on getting to 68%. Both of our families are going through slow processes to move on to the next stage. Jennifer and I have been living in a small apartment with our 3 year old and 6-week old for a year now. While I would not do this over again, I can say that the Lord has taught me (and us) so much. I learned more in this last year than I have in a long time and I have to be honest: if it wasn’t for the ‘tough’ living conditions we’ve been in over the last year, I would not have learned what I needed to learn from the Lord.

    It’s almost over and you’ll be in the next stage of your lives together. However, what you are learning now will do more for you as a family than anything else in the world.

  4. FUN!!! Keep up the God Work!!!

  5. carole j stanley

    See North Bend Community Church [bgc] , pastor taught me to blow the shofar, prayed for me to come to Belize, Pete and Vivian ?, dear folks! Hurry back home!

  6. carole j stanley

    contact Colleen MacIntosh, North Bend, 425-888-13??, she brought me to Belize, been a mom to me, her daughter my friend since 9th grade! Did my taxes all my years!Say hello to her from me, she doesn’t do email!

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