When the Shoes are Gone

We are back from missionary training. What an awesome experience. We are so thankful to have gone through MTI. Now, we are faced with yet another move, and this time, we are REALLY getting rid of things. Every piece of furniture is going except for the crib, any excess clothes are being consigned. And my shoes, my beautiful shoes, are going too.

Whenever anyone saw me, make no mistake, if I was dressed up I would be wearing some killer high heels. I LOVE shoes. Is it ok for a missionary to admit that? LOL. I came back from training knowing that I’d have to purge myself of excess clothes and shoes. I pick each pair of heels up. I look longingly at them savoring each memory I have of the days I wore them. Some, I wore only a couple of times, others hold meaningful memories. Such as, my “graduation shoes”, “Easter shoes”, and my favorite: “Christmas shoes” (they REALLY sparkle). I must sound so silly to you. I feel silly while typing this.

One thing that we learned at MTI was how to properly say “goodbye”. You see, to me, these shoes are not just shoes, they hold memories. For example, here I am looking at some beautiful white shoes (they are so cute). The following is what goes through my head: “Hmmmm… white shoes… so pretty…. Mom got those for me for Easter. Easter. What will it be like in Belize? Easter…. FAMILY… MOM… Oh, I’m going to miss my mommy.” So you can see, how each pair of shoes brings back a memory, how with each pair of shoes I’m not just letting go of the actual physical shoe, I’m also dealing with saying goodbye to family members and friends, and some traditions that I hold dear.

I admit, there are a couple pairs of fancy shoes that I held on to, and that’s ok. God has taught me so much this year. One big lesson is that my worth is in Him. I will always LOVE to shop, I will ALWAYS love shoes, but for such a time as this, God has asked me to put that aside. You know what? I have finally decided that it’s ok with me. I can do that. The shoes are gone, but the sweet memories are still there.

10 thoughts on “When the Shoes are Gone

  1. Dave

    We spent $100 a month for almost 4 years storing stuff while we were away. I remember how important it seemed as we were loading our storage unit to be keeping this stuff for later. Once we got back, I remember thinking, “Why did we store all this junk?” Over a period of time, your priorities and needs naturally change and you desire different things. You may always have a love affair with shoes, but wait and see what I mean; you may feel differently in a short while.

  2. Donna Chapman

    I am not a shoe person but there are other things I would have difficulty laying aside. I am so proud of you and you’ll always be the best kind of “fashionita” to me!

  3. Girrrrrrrrl! I’m proud of you. So proud of you…it looks like I’ve got some decisions to make too. Go BIG Mel! God’s got your back.

  4. John

    PS, I’ll be keeping my four pair 🙂

  5. Rachel

    All those great shoes!!!! O how I wish we wore the same size!!! Greater things are to come but I agree it would be hard to give them up!!! I’m proud of you!!! Love ya!!!

  6. Leah Miller

    Good for you Mel, that must be very difficult.

  7. Carrie

    Thanks for reminding me of what my priorities should be. So encouraged by your and John’s story. Can’t wait to see when you get to Belize and how God is going to use you there. I always tell my mom when she cleans out her house that it will only hurt for a little while! 🙂 Miss you.

  8. mike

    great letter; you describe so well the emotional process of moving to another country and culture; yo creo que MTI te hizo bien, que no!

  9. carole stanley

    Was waiting to see you in Belize,[ God has other plans!!!!] Call me 480-677-4284, I’m at my sis til first of the week, then back to Scotsdale with son.

  10. Ma

    So now that you’ve decided it’s time to get rid of shoes, I think we need to have a party of some kind, maybe a going away party for your shoes!!! What do you think? I do think that you need to update your support meter though! Love, ya Ma

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