The Final Missionary Training

Right now we are at MTI, an organization near Colorado Springs that trains missionaries who are about to go on the field. This is our final training before going to Belize. This means we are very close to getting there. Yay!

We are still at about 76% funded. No, we never did reach our goal of 80% by Monday. Do you know what that means? It means that God will be glorified through our fund raising in another way. Not the way we want, but the way HE wants. We are still holding firm to our goal of being in Belize by January.

I can’t even begin to describe the training here. It’s intense, heart-grabbing, tear-jerking, and reality-checking. Only after two days of being here I am blown away at how much God is teaching me. We are looking forward to the days ahead.

Evangeline is AWESOME. She has adjusted to going to the nursery beautifully. I still get to see her very often, and she LOVES interacting with the other babies. She is eight months today and I feel I can see her grow by the second. Parenthood is such a blessing.

When an exciting training exercise comes up, I’ll have John post about it. He is really good at describing things like that. Please continue to be in prayer for us. We can feel then, and we see the answers to them every day.

7 thoughts on “The Final Missionary Training

  1. Mom

    My prayers are being answered. Praise God! Thank you for updating us. I have been thinking of Evangeline and praying for her adjustment to new caregivers. Also praying that the Lord would continue to prepare and equip you. (He is!) Please continue to post when you are able. LOVE YOU LOTS!

  2. Tim Austin

    John and Mel, Glad to hear you’re thriving at MTI. Is this SPLICE or PILAT? If SPLICE, please greet Tim and Robin for us if you think of it. We’re looking forward to more updates. Carry on…

  3. Tim Austin

    Oh, and we were at 68% at the start of MTI, and 72% by the time we left, so you’re ahead of us! Small consolation, I realize, but God will do it!

  4. Donna Chapman

    Thanks for the update; I so wish I could push you to 100% but then I would get the glory not GOd šŸ™

    I am so proud of both of you for holding on and carrying on.

  5. Curt Hansen

    Great to hear you are at MTI. Learn lots. Kit and I loved it…way back when we did it! God will supply all that you need. We’ll be praying for you. Get on the field by next year so our church can bring a group and work with you!!!

  6. Leah

    Hi guys, Happy 8 month birthday to Evangeline!!!

  7. Kay Abelman

    I’m excited you are moving forward. Enjoy this time and hang in there. Love and blessings. I’m praying for you.

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