What is next for the Bjorgens?

Many of you have been waiting patiently and giving us a lot of space to process the new information we have received on Malachi. Thank you for praying for us and encouraging us. We may not understand everything, but we are trying our best to navigate through this, trusting that the Lord will reveal himself in due time.

Below are some FAQ’s that we can now answer for you:

When are you going on Home Assignment?

Originally we were going to leave in August, but some wise colleagues told us it would be better to not attempt to transition right as school starts. So we moved it to June. After we found out Malachi has CP we have decided we would like to get him started on his therapy as soon as we can. So we are leaving around the first of May. That was unexpected and quite sudden. Please keep us in prayer as we pack up and say goodbye (only six weeks!).

Where will you live in the United States?

For at least 6 months we will be in Hartsville, SC. Malachi will receive excellent care there and we have lived there before so we have family and friends as a great support. Beyond the first six months we can not say how God will lead us.

Are you still going to be missionaries?

The answer to this is “Yes”. This is NOT a simple answer though. We are asking for your faith in us. We are seeking the Lord and godly counsel on what to do next. God has called us to be missionaries and He has not released us from that calling yet. We have done a lot of talking and praying about this one. We believe God wants us to move forward in our missionary journey in faith and trust in Him. We know now what Malachi needs and where we go we will be sure his needs will be met properly. There may be some big changes up ahead for us but we are hoping and praying to still be missionaries, please pray to that end with us and please continue your support. We will let you know further details about this but we ask you to be patient with us.

What will you do on your Home Assignment?

Home Assignment is when missionaries come home and report back to all the churches and individuals that support them and raise any shortfall in their financial support. John will be doing most of the traveling and on the days he is not traveling we are devoting ourselves to support raising. Please, if you or someone you know, or a church you know is looking to support a missionary family let us know! We are going to be working hard and would like to complete our fund raising within the year. We believe He is able to do all things!

What do you need?

1) Prayer. We need your prayers as we say goodbye to a village we love and people that have become our family. Pray for the adjustment that the kids will have to make (and us) to culture in the USA. It really is overwhelming. Pray for Malachi. Pray for our support. Pray that God will grant us wisdom beyond our years.

2) Encouragement. Drop a note, call, comment on this blog. We need encouragement!

3) Gift cards. Some have asked how they can help us with our physical needs. We will need appropriate clothing and groceries upon our re-entry to the states. Gift cards from places such as Target, Wal-mart, Old Navy or Belk will help us out a lot. Please contact us if you are interested in helping us this way.

11 thoughts on “What is next for the Bjorgens?

  1. Cathy

    I know this has got to be a difficult time for all of you, I know things have ways if working out through prayer and people!! I know you have a great support group around you and would love to be able to be there myself when you arrive back in hartsville, but out path lead us to South Korea for now!! I think of you often and wished we could of gotten to work together longer so we could of learned more about each other. But from what I did learn about you is your faith in God, your kindness, givingness(is that a word?) and you had a path layed out for you and you followed!! I love you and miss you and u and your beautiful family out always in my thoughts. Til we meet again!

  2. Vanessia

    As difficult as the years ahead may be you and John are blessed to have your faith and trust in the Lord. It will help guide your family and strengthen you in ways you still have no way of knowing-God is simply that amazing and awesome(still amazes me everyday!) I see the pictures of your son and I know his condition but I can tell you that seeing sweet Malachi’s face and his smile-there is something about this little baby that is special and God’s hands are all over him. Maybe you will think I am crazy but I see God’s love and grace shining from your son-Malachi may not be “normal” in whatever terms we judge that by but he is certainly perfect in God’s eyes and that shines in your son. Sorry I am not good at saying this but I do believe all your family is going through will , in the end, bring even more praise to our Father and help in your ministries. You have our prayers always.
    In His Love and Service,

  3. Sue Dale

    Dear John and Mel,
    This is great news for you and family but we are sad having to miss you when we come in May. Hopefully God will let our paths cross again in the future. We have been so blessed to know you both and your wonderful children. Be assured that we will stay in touch and be praying for you in whatever God brings your way. Always with love and hugs. Nat and Sue

  4. Valerie Wilson

    John and Melissa, take heart that the God who called you to serve Him will not deny your needs now. Life has a way of throwing us curve balls, thanks to the fallen world in which we live. However, God is known for helping us find silver linings and grow to be more like Christ in the process. Life is a gift that we continue to open day by day. Open yours with faith that God loves you and will give you something useful and good inside every day. I look forward to seeing you all here in the states. And just has you had to get acclimated to your new life in Belize and you succeeded, you will be just as successful when getting acclimated to life here. In fact, you just might even enjoy it! :0)

  5. Phyllis Hull

    As we watched you and John this past summer interact with the folks in the village we know it’s with a heavy heart that you leave Belize. Torn by the needs of your precious son and love for the people who have become family. Our prayers are with you in your journey ahead. One of my favorite Psalms is Ps. 34:18 “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” He knows, He cares and He will make a way. Hugs

  6. Pam Jensen

    Many years ago, we spent a lot of time in prayer about your future. I believe that while we may have focused on that immediate future – God was working through your whole future. He still does – I know you know that. I am glad that you are returning to the States so that Miracle Malachi can get the therapy that he needs. I will be praying for your transition and for God’s guidance as you continue to serve Him. I love you both!!! Sending BIG hugs your way.

  7. Donna Chapman

    Wow all the comments are so spot on and encourage me; I can’t think of anything they didn’t cover….so I say AMEN to all of the above. I do say Hallelujah that you will be in HARTSVILLE and hopefully, Lakeview…and I will get a chance to hug you and your lovely girls and hold that precious Malachi. Lord, please keep the Bjorgen’s as the apple of your eye, hide them under the shadow of your wings, thou alone must save them lest they die…keep them Jesus as the apple of your eye!

  8. Louise Bond

    Thank you for the updates. I will continue to pray for all of you. You are a beautiful family of GOD and I am wondering what wonderful plan HE has for you.
    I look forward to the updates in this new chapter.

    Prayers, Louise

  9. Holly Nelson

    I remember the same feeling of not being released from missions when the kids and I had to abruptly and unexpectedly leave Jordan to seek a new course. There is much to mourn, much to process, and much to pray about!! Be faithful in the waiting and GOD will reveal the plan. I have a wonderful ministry now with the college students at our church and the kids and I have a new life!! God is good in the storms of life. One day at a time. God will walk you through your grief, desperation, and loss too. It will be your testimony of God’s goodness one day! One day you will not see the loss any longer, only the amazing gain!!

  10. April Menking

    Thank you for sharing the next steps you are taking. Shared this with our children as we pray for you several times a week. Morgan, our 6 year old said, “They are not going to be the Bjorgen’s in Belize!” This is how we always refer to you : ) To him that is your name : ) I was able to tell them that Belize will always be part of who you are, and we are looking forward to seeing where the Lord directs you to next. All the way our Savior leads us. Looking forward to getting together with you guys when you get back!

  11. Curt Hansen

    John and Mel,

    Prayer. Already done. And continuing.
    Encouragement. Is always better in person. Know that I wish I was there to give you a big hug.
    Gift Cards. I’ll try to remember that one when I see your NC address next month. But at my age… you may need to conact me!

    We’ve said goodbyes and left dear friends on the mission field. All I can say is that God will help you through it. Blessings on all of you.

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