New Address and Odds and Ends

Only 9 more days to go before our Home Assignment in the states. We are packing up and saying goodbye. We had a yard sale and Evangeline had a difficult time parting with some of her toys. Another difficult day was when we said “goodbye” to our puppy that we have had since Christmas “Tinsey” (named by Evangeline). Evangeline loved Tinsey. She is learning how to say her goodbye’s. It is a good lesson to learn as she will be doing it more often than she realizes in the next few years. Please note our new address below.

New Address:

Jonathan Bjorgen

441 S. Timberlake Ln.

Hartsville, SC 29550

If you are a church please begin send mail items here. Also, Several of you have expressed interest in sending gift cards, this is where you can send them. Thank you!

I wish I could explain to you the turmoil many missionaries have when leaving a country they have served in. It is very strange. On one hand we are very happy to be coming home to reunite with our families and our supporters. We are also relieved at the prospect of getting the care Malachi needs. On the other hand there is a strong desire to stay because this is where we have made a home for our family and have created a new family filled with our Belizean brothers and sisters in Christ. The emotions that tug on our heart and the ups and downs can be overwhelming. Pray for us during this time of transition.

Just this weekend, I (Mel) had the opportunity to speak at the Brethren Assemblies Ladies Retreat. The theme was “Living by Faith”. I spoke five times covering the “Three Ingredients of Faith”, “Noah- Unwavering Faith”, “Abraham- Faith, Getting it Right”, “Rahab”, and “Encouraging you in your Faith Walk”. It was a wonderful time of fellowship. It was my first time speaking at a retreat and I experienced God in a new way, I would love to do it again!

A few things John has done in the past few months is be one of the leaders a a young men’s retreat held at the mission base; here, several of the young men made the decision to follow in believers baptism. He also attended a smaller version of a “Passion” conference with Pastor Kenny and the young boys. In addition to this, watched all three kids for three days while I was gone to the retreat. What a great husband I have!

We are remaining busy and are loving this last month being here, relishing our friends.

How is Malachi?

We get this question all the time and it is a difficult one to answer. His improvement is very slow if anything. We have seen improvement in his neck control and the other day he did hold a bottle with open hands for about 30 seconds. He is not crawling or sitting up on his own, and is having a difficult time with balance. Even though his neck control has improved he still is “floppy”. We are praying that physical therapy will make him more mobile. Thank you for your prayers and concern.

8 thoughts on “New Address and Odds and Ends

  1. Phyllis Hull

    Our thoughts and prayer are with you during this time of change, bitter sweet. Praying for God’s direction in every area, especially for little Malachi. Hugs

  2. Maureen Read

    Blessings and prayers in all the turmoil of moving. Also many thoughts for Malachi and his needs. Love, Maureen

  3. Donna Chapman

    Looking forward to having you all in Hartsville and getting to meet your children. Call me when you get settled and can come here or meet me at The Rooster!

  4. Pam Jensen

    I’m praying for you, John and the kids. I know this can’t be easy for any of you. Also continuing to pray for Malachi’s progress. Love you ALL!!

  5. Vanessia

    Your family is in my prayers as you transition from missionary work in Belize to being stateside. I can not imagine the tug of war it plays on your heart but I can imagine that as you leave you have made a big difference in many lives and that is a blessing!!! Malachi is always in our prayers and, as you know, there is nothing God can not do and no mountain too big for Him to conquer. Love and hugs to all.

  6. Jeff MacLurg

    Your family is in the prayers of the people of Our Savior’s Baptist in Federal Way, WA; for wisdom in how to approach the future, for resources that are always challenged whenever there is a move, and for your family to have a love for each other and for Jesus that shines.

  7. Darlene

    We can certainly understand your emotions. We have this every time we leave a church for a new field, but we know God is always leading & we can then experience new challenges & make new friends, but keep the old. We are praying for your adjustment & your concerns with Malachi. We pray that the doctors will find the right solutions. We hope to see you while you are in the states.
    Blessings, Darlene

  8. Jodi Strava

    Praying for your family, both blood and Belizean. May God make a path for your transition back into the States and work miraculous healing in Malachi.

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