Visitation= :-)

On Tuesday I asked you to pray for our churches new initiative, to visit each home in the village and talk about life, Jesus, and the church. Wednesday came and no one knew what to expect. We set out with our pastor and his wife and went to the first home. Kenny did most of the talking and he dove right in. He spoke with the family about many issues such as marriage, Jesus, and their opinions on the church. While he was talking to a young man about Jesus, we could see that he was really thinking about what Kenny was saying. We chimed in from time to time but really felt that Kenny should take the lead. The young man answered Kenny back by joking but that did not trip Kenny up. I went to talk to Nadine who lives on the same property as the family we visited and it was a nice visit. We talked about babies and baptism.

We eneded up spending the whole time at the house. This is a good thing because we did not want to seem like we were visiting quick to make our point and then go. Our desire is to take time and show that we genuinely care. John and I purchased some bicycles today thanks to one of our supporting churches. We’d like to do visitation on the bicycles instead of by vehicles because the primary mode of transportation in the village (besides walking) is by bike. It is important to us to connect with the culture of the village in this way. Thank you Woodridge!

After visitation we asked Kenny how he thought it went, He said, “Well, not as well as I hoped.” We think he did a great job, and tried to encourage him. This is a learning process for all of us. Please pray for Kenny that he will be encouraged in the Lord, he has a diffcult job. Pray that God can use us to encourge him and Una and be the support that He would have us to be.

P.S. In our last blog I could not find our family picture with our Easter eggs. I found it and you can view the picture in the post here.

*** On a different note: Please pray for Basil as he travels to Tulum, Mexico tomorrow with a guide. While on vacation near there with Vera, his car broke down and he is returning to get it. Pray that the car can be fixed and for his safety.

5 thoughts on “Visitation= :-)

  1. Donna Chapman

    Thank you for posting the picture….Evangeline looks so grown 🙂

    It sounds like y’all made a great beginning with your visitation program. We will pray for Kenny and your team as you continue to visit. Love the bike idea!

    I feel called to offer to teach Bible in the public school where I was Principal ten years ago (as an elective). Pray that if this is God’s will I will have permission to do so.

    Also I am praying about a “bus ministry” to take books, games etc… to these rural children in the summer. Your prayers are greatly needed in both areas.

    Love you all and am so proud of you for following your call though the road has been winding and difficult…you and God have been faithful! Selah.

  2. Nikki Bryan

    Praying for your future trips to other homes. Love you.

  3. Jodi Couch

    Always so uplifted to read your blogs. So proud of you guys!! Praying for you and Kenny, and the villagers. How is the softball going?

  4. Mom

    Do you take the girls with you on visitation? Are they able to ride on your bikes? Hope to talk to you all soon.

    John Reply:

    Yes, the girls go with us everywhere. We’ve got a baby seat on the back of Mel’s bike for Ellis and Evangeline rides side-saddle on the bar in front of me.

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