Easter Ushers in New Beginnings

If you were following the blog last year then you may remember the post featuring our sad green colored Easter eggs. What a time we were going through then. I had just found out I was pregnant a month before, it was our first holiday way from “home”, and foreign missions was so new to us. We decided to color Easter eggs again this year and they came out much better. John and I were discussing that day how our improved Easter eggs were symbolic of “what a difference a year can make”. Our Easter eggs are brighter, a baby has been born, home is Belize, foreign missions–though still learning– is not such a mystery. Here is a picture of us with our beautiful eggs:

Our improved easter eggs


The first new beginning we have to report is that Kenny, our Pastor, and Una were married April 9th. It was a beautiful ceremony. Behind them was the lagoon and in front of them, a whole village. This was a grand celebration, the likes of which Gales Point has seldom seen. We are thrilled at the precedent this wedding sets as marriage is almost non-existent in the culture of the village. Look at the beautiful couple:

John and Mel with Kenny and Una

John and Mel with Kenny and Una

Another new beginning is an idea our pastor came up with. Starting tomorrow, we will be going on weekly visitation from house to house. Not just inviting the villagers to church but beginning the conversations with them about Jesus, what they think about church, why they do not come to church, etc. This is so exciting because it is being lead by our pastor and we can see his growth in so many ways! We will be doing this for a year. The goal is to get 20 villagers to regularly attend church. Please pray with us that this will become a reality.

A third new beginning is an idea of Una’s. She came to me wanting to start a softball ministry. Many ladies in the village love to play softball and Una thinks that we will see some ladies come out for a game that do not usually come out for church or Bible study. I said, “Let’s do it”. Every Sunday we will play at 4 pm. Please pray for this ministry, pray that God will use it to reach many women. Also, pray for me. I am not a very sporty girl and have never been a great at catching, throwing, or hitting balls. I guess it’s time to learn.

Thank you for praying for us. We know you are because God is answering your prayers, He has protected us in so many ways! Please continue but also please praise God for these NEW BEGINNINGS!


9 thoughts on “Easter Ushers in New Beginnings

  1. Evan

    How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!! You have our prayers 🙂

  2. Marty

    Love this post thrilled for all of you and count on our support and prayers!

  3. Dena Busboom

    I’m so thrilled. I can’t wait to see you all again in the fall hopefully. I’m a pretty good center fielder so I hope to play with the women. Give love and hugs to the happy couple.

  4. Donna Chapman

    Great news all around 🙂

  5. Bill & Stacy

    Praise God for all of His Blessings. Stacy and I want to tell Kenny and Una how proud we are to know them and know that they have shown the village what a wonderful God we have. Through all the trials and tribulations that you (Mel and John) have gone through, we are greatful to God for giving you strength and perseverance. Please offer our most sincere love and prayers to the newly weds and to all at the mission. Say hello to everyone for us.
    Your friends in Christ
    Bill & Stacy

  6. Jodi Strava

    Thank you for the beautiful praise report. It is awesome to see how God is changing your hearts along with the hearts of the village. Continued prayers for 20!

  7. Darlene Millican

    This is a nice writing with your updates. Mel, I’m not very athletic either, but I play tennis & Pickleball. One day my daughter ask me to play catcher for her softball team so they would not have to forfiet……..Oh my, I couldn’t walk for 2 weeks.
    You’ll do fine. 🙂

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  9. Mom

    Thanks for the Easter picture—-you all look so healthy & happy! Praising God for the way He is building His church in Belize and the growth in all. Praying for the new ministries and expecting God to do abundantly more than we could ask or think. Don’t worry about not being athletic, the Lord is glorified through our weakness. Love to you all,

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