Things We Will Never Again Take For Granted: A Picture Blog

While on vacation in Mexico, it was like a whole new world. We never thought we would get excited about the smallest things. But we did. Here are pictures of items we will not take for granted EVER AGAIN:

Play places / playgrounds: Playgrounds and play places are scarce here or broken down. How I miss the McDonald’s Play place and the HUGE playground we use to have in AZ that was only five minutes away. Next time we are in the states we will enjoy play grounds whenever we get the chance.

Hand dryers: A luxury to us. Sometimes we don’t have anything to dry our hands or water to wash them with! When I see a hand dryer in Belize, I know I’m in a fancy place. This fancy place in Mexico was MCDONALDS! LOL!

Baby Changing Stations: In the states, EVERYWHERE you go you can find on of these. How I’ve wished for a baby changing station in Belize at times! I have yet to find one.

Strawberries: Nope they don’t grow these in Belize and if you find some “fresh” ones they are no good. It was so nice to bite into a fresh strawberry.

Steak Sandwich: While on vacation we took every opportunity to eat steak. This was a special treat for John and he REALLY enjoyed it.

Steak: As I mentioned above, we LOVE steak, but the steak here in Belize is not good. Belizeans do not even like steak. We tell them it’s because they never had a steak from the USA. See the cows here are bred to withstand the heat and it makes for very tough meat. The flavor is not so great either.

Lettuce / Salad: We CAN get lettuce here, but transporting it out to the base and making it last is a different story. It spoils very easily. We don’t get it often. Also if you order a salad at a restaurant here you are going to pay $$$.

So there you have it! You will notice that most of these are food related. Yes, we miss some of our favorite fresh foods. Things that we used to have on an almost daily or weekly basis. I will be making these things when we return to the United States in three years. I’m sure the list will get longer.

One thing I did not get a picture of is the McDonalds we went to in Mexico. What a great treat for us. Seriously. Needless to say, we ate and ate and ate on our vacation and it was GOOD!

5 thoughts on “Things We Will Never Again Take For Granted: A Picture Blog

  1. Jodi

    I am SO glad you guys got away for some time together as a family. I am so proud and excited for you guys as your next few months change and the new little blessing comes 🙂 We are praying for you guys always … love ya!!


    We don’t appreciate the USA until we are out of it for few months; however, when you do get back, you will think of things you miss in Belize–perhaps mangos and coconuts for starters.
    Sounds as though you found a good place in Mexico. Love, Gr. Pa and Gr. Ma.

  3. Ma

    Mel and John, Your Grpa and Grma are right. Good fruit like we get in Belize, that is tropical isn’t here, that’s for sure. Simplicity isn’t either and there is definitely something to be said for that. I totally understand where you are coming from though and you guys have done a fabulous job of adapting! Keep it up and you’ll be surprised how God provides when you least expect it! Love Ma

  4. Donna Chapman

    Hopefully your reminder will remind me to be thankful for the produce we have here in the USA….especially SC grown blueberries, blackberries, strawberrries, peaches and tomatoes.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to rub it in !

  5. Caroline P.

    So glad you got to enjoy some good play and good food and good rest on your trip! I pray that you are refreshed and energized.

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