“Lord, keep me cool”, and other Prayer Requests

We have had a full two weeks. The week before last, I had the flu, not fun. Then the next week we welcomed the Ankers family from Hartsville SC. They were key in training the new reading teacher and helping to teach us Flannel Graph for the Sunday school program. They also built a solar hot water heater out of various common materials like plastic bottles and trash cans. Now all we have to do is test it!

Here are some prayer requests that we need you to pray about for the next few weeks:

1) I’m hot. The pregnancy has my temp up, plus it still gets in the 90’s here. Pray that some days will have a nice breeze, but not so much breeze that it blows in a tropical storm!

2) We are in the process of developing a boys work and education program. Please pray that God will grant us wisdom a we go about how this program should be set up.

3) We need a new vehicle for our growing family. However, we have no idea how we will get this vehicle as funds are short and to sell the jeep would mean we would be giving up a great “work horse” at the base. Please pray about this. If it is God’s will, He will provide for us, if not I know He will still take care of us.

4) There are various small groups coming to the base in the next three weeks. Please pray that I can have the energy needed to keep up. I’m tired now most days and it is getting more difficult for me to move around. Thankfully everyone has been helping me out.

5) Continue to pray for the men’s ministry. We can see some young men interested in knowing Christ. John and Kenny (Pastor of church) need wisdom on how to further the ministry.

6) Pray for the upcoming c-section. In 3.5 weeks I go to the hospital to have a c-section. Sometimes at night I get a little anxiety about this. I know I am in God’s hands but I would appreciate prayers for wisdom for the doctor and for everything to go smoothly.

7) Pray for the village. At times ministry seems to be going very will but then something will happen that can be discouraging. Theses villagers need Christ more than ever.

8) Pray for Evangeline. She has no idea that her world is about to change with the new baby. Pray that God will give her an extra measure of grace and patience :-).

9) We both miss our families and our homes in the US. While we counted this cost, sometimes it gets difficult. We are starting to develop a Belizean family, and this is great. However, sometimes the thought of not returning “home” for another 3 years seems daunting.

10) That we would continue to learn to lean on God when difficulties arise.

Well, that should keep you busy for a little while :-). Thank you for your continued prayers. We love you!

5 thoughts on ““Lord, keep me cool”, and other Prayer Requests

  1. Maureen Read

    May all go well with the C-section, Mel. Thinking of you.

    Yes, the homesickness is overwhelming at times. All of that takes patience, something we Americans are not noted for. Col. 1:9-11 is a prayer I use for missionaries and pastors. You might use it yourself.

    Blessings, Maureen (NKBC in Poulsbo)

  2. Donna Chapman

    Up go your prayer reequests on on prayer list. Thank you for sharing your joys and fears. I pray the Lord will give you a spirit of contentment and quiet all your fears. We are counting on His Grace being sufficient for you.

  3. Jodi Elizabeth Yarusinsky

    We are praying for you all, Mel.

  4. Mom

    Thank you for sharing your prayer requests. We prayed for your C-section at our ladies Bible study tonight before I read your blog. Must have been the Lord’s prompting. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Love,

  5. Mom

    Lord, please send Mel lots of gentle, cool breezes, renewed strength, and other reminders of your great love, especially on her birthday Saturday.

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