The Waiting Continues

Over the past two days John and I have been in and out of the hospital. Not because of false labor, but to help prepare me for birth. The baby is not budging and I needed a little push. I received several doses of prostaglandin (one dose and hour for three hours on Friday and Saturday) to help soften the cervix. At the time, I was only a finger tip dilated. Now my cervix is soft and I am about 2.5cm dilated.

The doctors are very hesitant to induce me too early. For that, I am appreciative. Inducing too early could mean a c-section and that is not what I want. So I go back on Tuesday at 5:30 am for another dose ofprostaglandin to help things along. At that point, I will be almost a week over due. They said they will not let me go more than 42 weeks.

I trust the doctors and appreciate their efforts and the way they are looking out for me and trying to prevent a c-section. It looks like this little girl will only come when God tells her too. What a fitting way for a missionary kid to come into this world.

Yes, I am frustrated and discouraged, because more than anything else, I’d like to hold my baby girl. To be honest, words like, “be patient” “she will come before you know it” and the like are no consolation to me at this point. I know all of those things and I believe them to be true. Nothing really prepares you for waiting for a child that you have created to make herappearence . In the meantime, I am here waiting and leaning on the Lord for His “Peace that passes all understanding.” I need that right now, because there are times I don’t understand.

4 thoughts on “The Waiting Continues

  1. April Menking

    That is great that the doctor are not pushing you to induce! Most would have already induced you! Avoiding a c-section is well worth the wait.

    I was a 4 days overdue w/ Patrick and a full week w/ Morgan, I know you pain. It is no fun to wait especially when you are ready for it to be over! Praying you will go soon!

    Don’t know if you see a chiropractor or not, but sometimes an adjustment can help you go in to labor.

  2. Mom

    This experience, like all the others, is further training for ministry and learning to trust the Lord’s timing and not lean on your own understanding. It also makes you able to empathize with others who will go through it. Nothing is wasted in God’s economy! Love you, and will see you soon, God willing.

  3. Tim

    Love you Mel!

    Mary Sue

  4. Jodi

    I know this may not feel encouraging, but it is well within normal for a first-time-mom to go two weeks past her due date. The due date is nothing set in stone.

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