Here’s the Skinny on the Mini

Back from the hospital. GET THIS: I was given a choice to stay or leave. It was such a hard choice to make. I was only at 2cm and 80% effaced. The Doctor said I could either go home and wait a couple of days or start the pitocin. After talking it over with John we decided that it was best to give this “mini us” another chance to emerge on her own. Since being home I’ve had some mild back labor and I hope that she will be able to make an appearance soon.

The Doctor did schedule me for an induction on Thursday, 15th a 7:30 am. We are hoping that the baby comes before then and are glad we gave her a couple of days to do so, but I have to say that I am totally ready to have her. We will keep you posted if she comes before that time.

2 thoughts on “Here’s the Skinny on the Mini

  1. Leah

    sounds like a plan. I can come to the hospital after work on Thursday.

  2. Woohoo! We’re prayin for ya!

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