The Heat is On!

It’s beginning to get really warm here in Belize. One day we had a day with no wind. Those days make you want to crawl out of your skin and into a freezer.

The past week we have been leading a team. They built a house in the village and did a WONDERFUL job. It was difficult to manage being a mom and helping lead the team. I had to stay back a couple of days. I’m fine with this and was very aware that I need to take a step back at times in order to be the best missionary mom I can be. Oh, it’s so much harder than I thought. Being a mom in the middle of no where has me missing so many American luxuries, like parks and McDonalds play place, and “Moms” groups. I have to say, I miss American moms. It’s so different here. That is for another blog at another time.

Most days I’m nauseated all day with this little one growing inside me. Please pray for me. Sometimes it’s all I can do to keep moving forward. It’s my job to cook here, and most of the time I have to muster up the stomach to cook. I mask the discomfort pretty well but sometimes I just have to rest.

John and I sat with the pastor yesterday and discovered that while some things have gotten better with the village, many things are staying the same. The devil has a very tight grip on the people here. He said most people in the village will choose the evil way over the good way because the evil way is how they have been conditioned to live (the”eye for an eye” mentality) any other way is weak. We are here for so much more than just “maintenance”. On the outside things might look ok, but on the inside, the core of this village, it’s really bad and the devil is running a muck. Please, please earnestly pray for us about this. Our hearts our burdened.

9 thoughts on “The Heat is On!

  1. April Menking

    We prayed specifically for you and your ministry this morning during our devotions, esp. for you and your pregnancy, Mel.

    Mel Reply:

    It is encouraging to me that the Holy Spirit is leading you on how to pray for us. Thank you for telling me this. I feel that the Lord is with us.

  2. I remember those days vividly. Then God’s grace came up big time and got us a window AC unit for us to use at night. Nothing like sleeping in AC.

    Mel Reply:

    Would be nice to have AC here, but we can’t. We live on Solar power. So when we are at the base and village, we suffer from VERY hot days. Pray for us!!

  3. Marty

    You guy’s are in our prayers daily. We know there is much work still to be done and that is exactly why He brought you. Strap up with the full armor of God every day! The battle for the hearts of the people of Gales Point will be won by Him one soul at a time.

    Mel Reply:

    Thank you so much Marty! We know it’s a long way off, but we are looking forward to Cornerstone coming in November. We miss everyone so much but we know that we NEED to be here and that the Lord is going to do a work in a mighty way here.

  4. Donna Chapman

    Thank you for honestly sharing your burdens, Mel. I will place your names on our breakfast table so every time we sit to pray and eat we will remember to lift you up.

    “God please encourage John and Mel and show them that what they cannot see in the natural can be taking place in the spiritual just as when Jesus was dying on the cross and his enemies thought they were victorious but lo and behold YOU had a better and more effective plan than man could ever devise.” Amen

    Mel Reply:

    Thank you DCgirl! I love you! Your prayer was written just right!

  5. Kay Richey

    There are days that are going to be much harder than others. Remember who brought you there and He is faithful. Trust Him, for His promises are true. Claim them each day.
    I’m privileged to be able to pray for you. I think I can identify with what you are going through except for the pregnancy. I was never pregnant while in the Philippines. But I do remember the hot humid days without a breeze. A fan can make a big difference. Focus on the positives, no matter how small. The nausea too will pass. Hang in there, Mel. You are made of strong stuff. Don’t feel like you have to do everything and be perfect. No one expects that of you. Do what you can and be the great mom that you already are.

    His is all He claims to be. I love you and am praying for you. Thanks for being real. Only then do we know how to pray for you specificly.


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