Gone in 60 seconds

First, our laptop was stolen last week. We just found out today. We were hoping we left it at our Belize apartment but knew in our hearts it was gone. It is. It was stolen in 60 seconds while John was loading the jeep right in front of the apartment. Just like that. Snap. Snatch. Gone. We have another old laptop as a secondary, but we will need to replace this laptop probably within 6 months. We are sad, but know that it’s a part of the Belize experience. Further, God already knows what is going to happen so we are trusting Him.

Second, We have been without internet for the past week and a half because of satellite trouble out at the base. I have been wanting to connect with my family and that does not seem to be happening, so I’ve been pretty homesick. A team is here and brought a GREAT care package to us from our small church group in AZ. They are AWESOME. It helped with the homesickness.

Well, I have a post waiting that I wrote about Easter and as soon as we get in a position where we don’t have to pay by the minute for internet I will post it. Thanks for your prayers. We are strengthened by them.

9 thoughts on “Gone in 60 seconds

  1. Leah

    oh man, glad you are o.k. Will be praying about the internet and a laptop.

  2. angel

    Im really sorry about all this Mel…I see it as a test, and u are passin right on thru it…i really hope everything gets better, and u get to talk to ur family soon….love ya hun

  3. Ma

    Sorry about that Mel and John. I think it took them 2 minutes when Basil had our first laptop stolen in BC. You can’t leave anything unlock or open when you are going in and out of the apt.

    I have you in my prayers, I know you’re homesick, that’s normal, but stay strong in the Lord and He will see you thru this hard time of adjustment. I continue to stand in the Gap for all of you! Love, Ma

  4. Kay Richey

    So sorry for your loss. Praying you will soon have good connections.

  5. Donna Chapman

    Satan really knows where and how to hit us, huh! BUT GOD IS GREATER and will bring you through this time of trial. We will put you guys back on the TOP of our prayer list. Remember “It Came to Pass….” This trial WILL PASS!

    Love you so much!


  6. Nikki

    I love you and am praying for you.

  7. Melissa's Mom

    I’m so sorry that happened, even more so for the lost of all the information you had in it. Love you all.

  8. Laurie Carter

    Oh I’m so sorry about that! That is very frustrating, especially something with so much personal information on it. I am praying that the person who has it somehow has a greater need for it than you guys, and that they may be blessed and come to know Jesus possibly through information on it. Who knows, maybe they’ll be convicted and somehow you’ll get it back! As you said, God knows, and we have to continue to trust Him. Praying for you guys!

  9. Gr.Ma and Gr.Pa Nelson

    Praying for a retrieval. Haven’t heard from dad mom Bjorgen–possibly still stuck in Lasoka, Africa.

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