The Birth Story

I’m so overwhelmed by the events of the past few days! Overwhelmed with happiness and God’s graciousness. Thank you all for your prayers throughout my whole pregnancy and the day of the birth of baby Ellis. Here is the story:

I woke early that morning, around 4:30, knowing that I would be meeting a bundle of joy later that morning. I was nervous. Many of you provided me with verses on Facebook that I read through. We went to Vera and Basil’s apartment with Evangeline and John’s mom and dropped them off (the apartment is only 1 mile from the hospital). I was a mixture of emotions saying goodbye to Evangeline, knowing that even though I saw her as a baby at that moment, a lot would change. Not only her “baby-ness” but also the relationship we had because she was the only child. However, I knew that bringing another sibling into the mix would only enrich her life.

We drove to the hospital and I was ready to get it done. After a small mix up with the payment department, I was checked into my room with my gown on. Then, my surgery time got bumped. It would be another hour or so. We waited an hour and a half and then they came in and said, “This is it, we are ready.” As long as we waited, it all seemed so fast. They literally whisked me away and I was prepped for surgery. I was in the OR and they were giving me the epidural and before you know it I was laying on the table and John was coming in dressed like a surgeon himself. Oh I was nervous but much calmer than when Evangeline came. My blood pressure dropped and the anesthesiologist administered some medication that stabilized me. I could feel tugging and pressure… a lot of it. It kind of hurts and is extremely uncomfortable. Then, out she came, lungs-a-blazin’. It was just like when Evangeline came out, although Evangeline’s cry was quieter. When they put Ellis by my face she stopped crying right away. Both John and I were so thrilled. John left with the pediatrician (yes, in Belize the pediatrician is present at the birth and cares for the baby, not nurses.), and I got stitched up. They gave me some medication to make me drowsy, and that was nice. I went to the recovery room and did not get to hold the baby until about an hour after the birth.

I don’t know if any mom can properly describe the incredible feeling that comes over them when they hold their baby for the first time. You know, it’s kind of how I imagine it will be to finally hug Jesus. Relief, gratefulness, incredible LOVE.

Ellis Jane is a wonderful addition to the family. She is very chill. She sleeps all of the time and is nursing beautifully. She is very cuddly (mommy is happy about that). She is so teeny-tiny and yet she is strong. God has been so gracious to us to bless us with two beautiful and healthy babies. I am feeling just fine. I have pain at my incision and it’s hard to get around. I can’t lift or really bend that much, but oh is it all worth it!

Ellis means “My God is the Lord” and Jane means “God is Gracious”. “My God is the Lord and He is Gracious” is what we like to say. We thought this to be a very fitting name after everything that we have been through the past year and that is why we fell in love with her name.

Thank you again for your prayers and encouragement. We love you all. Pictures to come soon.

5 thoughts on “The Birth Story

  1. Carmen Radin

    Congratulations! And from experience, though you feel great iin a few days, don’t overdo it. Did not know Jennifer was there. What a blessing to have her. Enjoy. It ends only too quickly! God bless.

  2. Donna Chapman

    How neat to hear the “whole story” about Ellis’ birth. I love the name even more now that I know what each part means.

    I assume you are home now; but maybe not….don’t know what the policy is re caesarians in Belize. Write Jer 29:11 in Ellis’ baby book from me.

    DC Girl 2

  3. Jodi

    Thanks for sharing the story with me. I love being able to read the details even though you are there. I am SO happy for you guys, and so excited to watch Ellis and Evangline grow together. How sweet it is!!

  4. Caroline P.

    So glad y’all are doing well! Thanks for sharing Ellis’ birth story with us! Take it easy and rest every chance you get.

  5. Marti Williams

    What a story. I am going to share it with the students at bible strudy tonight. I think of you and pray for you much more than I let you know. God has provided a new job for me as well as the old one.He has showed me how to have boundaries with each and not blame or make anyone wrong about what they do. I am very grateful and joyful.

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