Another storm and we are evacuating

Tropical storm Richard is heading right to us. The wind speeds right now are at 70mph but are expected to be at least 85mph by the time it makes landfall, that means we are facing a category 1 hurricane. Our apartment in Belize City is the bottom floor of a three story house. Every time there is a storm surge our apartment floods with water and sludge/sewage. We have no choice but to evacuate our apartment.

We have decided not to go to Vera and Basil’s apartment because of the heavy winds. We will go further inland tomorrow morning to a town called San Ignacio near the Guatemalan boarder. There, we should only see winds at 50mph.

Our Belizean staff that is at the base will work hard most of tomorrow morning to prepare the property for the storm, then, they will evacuate to the village as it is unsafe to be on the base during a hurricane. Please pray for our staff and the villagers as they prepare for the storm. Pray for their safety.

Please pray for us at your churches tomorrow. Traveling out of town with a week and a half year old is not ideal. However, we know that the Lord is with us. Although there is a certain amount of stress that comes with such circumstances, we have a peace that God is with us. A peace that only the Holy Spirit can give. We will update when we can and we appreciate you all lifting us up in your prayers tonight and tomorrow.

EDIT: For those of you who are into maps like me (John), here’s a couple to help you out:
-> This is where we are.
-> This is where the storm is.

5 thoughts on “Another storm and we are evacuating

  1. Evan

    We are praying!!

  2. Donna Chapman

    God please take care of Mel and John and the children and all your children in harms way. We know our God is a Mighty Fortress and we trust You to protect us all.


  3. Paul & Phyllis Hull

    Praying for you and your family also your churches and those in the village.

  4. Yes, Converge is praying too. Brian

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