Speaking Engagement

I (Mel) have been asked by the Brethren Church (denomination affiliated with the church in Gales Point), to speak at the Ladies Prayer Breakfast this Saturday. I have 30 minutes to speak on prayer. I had a very difficult time choosing what I am going to speak on. Finally God gave me John 17: 20-26. I am planning and preparing but yet my thoughts are not coming together as smoothly as I would like. Please be in prayer for me as I finish preparing. For clarity of thought and that God would multiply the amount of time I have to prepare. Between the kids and the pregnancy, and other ministry distractions time has been an issue for me. Pray for clear, concise thinking and wisdom that only the Lord can give. I will be speaking to a large group of believers. It is my desire to encourage these women of faith in a morally bankrupt country. Thank you so much!

2 thoughts on “Speaking Engagement

  1. April Menking

    Praying for you right now. We prayed for all of you specifically this morning during our Bible time. Love you guys!

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