October Update- The Ministry in Pictures

Here is what the ministry looks like in picture form: Enjoy!

*Pictures courtesy of Bryan Schmidt. If you live in the Medina area in MN, he is a great family photographer. We can get you in touch with him.

Wow, did October fly by! As you can see, we stay pretty busy with various ministries. Ministries that are not pictured that I’ll get to you by next months update are: Wednesday night visitation, where we go house to house with the pastor and sit and talk with villagers and pray with them, and Saturday Men’s Bible Questions, a time where Pastor Kenny and John gather some of the village men and they do a question and answer time about all things Christianity. I also do not have pictured the Sunday school that Una, the pastor wife teaches. I’ll have pictures for you of that after Christmas, when we plan to do a Christmas program with them.

October was filled with continuing our weekly ministries and making sure our discipleship boys are going to school and doing homework. It also has been a time for us to help a certain villager in need. Please pray for Juanita. Ever since she came to the village she has been in need. She literally has nothing, but she is determined to make a good life for herself and her six children. One child is being cared for by Shannon and Amanda (Deacon of our church), the other five she is left to care for herself, but she has nothing to give. There are many problems that stand in Juanita’s way. She faces many challenges. Currently we are trying to get her kids uniforms and school supplies so they can attend school in the village. If you or your church are interested, we need only $150 more. Please contact us.

Prayer Requests

Pray that we will be strengthened and encouraged to do the work we have been called to do in the village. There is so much sadness here. So many people need the Lord. Pray for a HARVEST.

Pray for Mel’s continued health during the pregnancy. She is just now feeling better from constant morning sickness but is battling extreme exhaustion throughout the day.

Pray that the Lord will give John and Kenny wisdom when answering the village mens questions.

Pray for contiued good health for the girls and that they would grow up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Pray that we as parents would follow what God is telling us to do with them.

Pray for our continued obedience to the Lord. It is easy to follow the flesh, all we want is to follow the Lord’s leading in our lives.

What it is like in Belize this time of year

Right now we are experiencing a little dry spell in the middle of the rainy season. Not complaining here, but a little rain would be nice. The weather is 80’s and sunny. If you are cold right now, you should come and visit us. It’s like spring! Everything is a bloom and butterflies are in abundance, just beautiful!

Kids Corner

Evangeline (E1)- Evangeline is a fire cracker! She lights up our days with the witty things she says. She is also a whiner, so we are working with her on that. She continues to go to school twice a week and she loves it. The village kids love her and enjoy playing with her and she loves them. It warms my heart to see her playing with kids.

Ellis (E2)- She is slow at walking but is getting better with each new day. She is such a cutie and we can’t get enough of her. Although, her little temper is beginning to come through. We celebrated her first birthday on October 13th. She discovers something new everyday and is a joy to watch grow.

Thanks and please write!

Thank you so much to all of you that encourage us on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. We love you all. Notes and comments are very encouraging to us. If you have the time, please comment or drop a note in the mail. Our address is under the contacts button.


3 thoughts on “October Update- The Ministry in Pictures

  1. Paul & Phyllis Hull

    Good to see your ministry pictures. Having been there I know some of what you are showing but it’s nice to see faces and updates. Praying for you Mel. Glad you are feeling some better. Trust you will get more energy as time goes by. Are you thinking boy this time? Onward (I just read that this morning and I like it) It tells us not to look back, just keep going. Past failures are in the past, focus on Jesus and keep going.

  2. Donna Chapman

    Love seeing the pics so I can picture you and your family there…..a nice change from DC in the winter huh? I am really feeling a pregnancy IN MY SPIRIT that the birth pangs of Jesus Second Coming have begun….no one knows when he will come but we know He will….Look Up….our redemption drawth nigh. You will be found ready, doing His work…..how great is that!

  3. Darlene Millican

    Thanks for the updates, both ministry & family news.

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