Some Random thoughts

I feel that the Holy Spirit is with us. I can’t explain it but both John and I feel at peace, and I feel like He is near. I think He is getting our hearts ready for Belize. I also think that it is a result of many people praying for us daily, and for that, we are very grateful.

We have not taken many steps to prepare yet for our five week stay in Belize. We are calm, and this weekend and next week we will be busy with plans. We leave on Wednesday, but I will not allow my self to get “out of my mind excited” until Monday.

My belly is getting bigger. I think you can finally tell that I am pregnant (although it’s not really big, but big enough). We find out the gender on Tuesday as well as check to see if baby has all it’s parts and the heart is healthy. I am leaving this pregnancy up to the Lord. I have not been worrying much because I feel like whatever happens is in the Lords hands.

I am grateful that the Lord has seen fit to almost “cure” me from my anxiety. It was becoming a “thorn in my flesh” and I am so thankful that now it is something that I battle only some of the time.

The Lord has been good to us. He is very near.

3 thoughts on “Some Random thoughts

  1. Leah

    Praise the Lord!

  2. Mom

    The Lord is near……. As the book of James says, “Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you.” He is just waiting on us to draw near!


  3. Lucy

    What an awesome God that we have! I miss you guys and we will be praying for you both in your travels. Your updates are a blessing and comfort to us as well.

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