Happy Belize Day!

We went to bed last night buzzing with excitement and conversation. TODAY WE ARE GOING TO BELIZE. We knew it was a Belize day when we went outside and felt muggy weather, then, John got bit by a mosquito on the neck! In Arizona! LOL! Belize here we come! We are in the airport now, having successfully made it through security. Whew! Please be in prayer for us as we fly to Houston and then to Belize.

By the way IT’S A GIRL!!!!! We are very excited. We know the name but we are not telling it. You’ll just have to wait.

5 thoughts on “Happy Belize Day!

  1. Curt Hansen

    You could just come and visit us in Chicago if you want muggy air and mosquitoes… and we have great pizza here. Have a great trip. You are thought of and prayed for often.

  2. Mom

    We thank the Lord for going before you and preparing the way, and for healing John’s back. We trust He will use you both in many ways for His glory. And we thank God for our precious granddaughter that He is nurturing within you, and that you have already dedicated her to Him.

  3. Kay Abelman

    Hi John and Mel,

    Katherine and I had lunch together yesterday and prayed for your Belize trip. Girls are fun. I had 2.


  4. Tania

    Hey Mel and John,

    I’m back and I will be praying for your Belize trip.

  5. Carole Stanley

    Welcome Back Home, will see you soon!

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