On Malachi

You will have to pardon me being so brief. I am so exhausted and I don’t really want to think, but I know you all love Malachi and are praying for him. Today the neurologist confirmed what I already knew: Malachi is a 10 month old that acts like a four month old. He will get an MRI sometime in the next several days. The neurologist will read the MRI for me that day . He could tell me nothing new and said we would have to wait and see what his brain looks like. He does believe that Malachi will improve, but it will be a slow process including physical and occupational therapy. He said we will not know his estimated limits until we see the results of the MRI. Of course we know that God has no limits.
Please pray that I can get the MRI scheduled for Thursday or Friday. The doctors office is very busy and it needs to pass through insurance. They understand my need to get it done quickly but seemed to be in no hurry which is frustrating for me. Malachi is doing very well. Please continue to pray for me. That I get sleep and that the Lord will continue to strengthen me. Pray for John as well. Thank you for your prayers. We love you all.

11 thoughts on “On Malachi

  1. margie

    Praying for strength and courage to face whatever is ahead. With Him leading the way, all will be done in God’s perfect timing. May the keys of prayer we send up today turn the future for Malachi’s good and God’s glory!




  2. Vanessia

    Praying for God’s strength and courage in whatever you face in the days ahead. God is always in charge and nothing is impossible and may whatever lies ahead for Malachi and your family be for Malachi’s good and God’s glory!..Love to all..Ness

  3. Phyllis Hull

    Our hearts are with you and John as you face the future with Malachi. We are looking for God’s miracle. A song that comes to my mind so often when we can’t understand how things will work for good. “God will make a way when there seems no other way. He works in ways I may see. God will make a way for me.” Our prayer is for peace and wisdom as God directs your path. Our church family will be praying too.
    Love and prayers, Paul & Phyllis

  4. Donna Chapman

    My heart is heavy like yours. I think you will need to grieve the loss of a perfect Malachi and accept the Perfect Plan of God. I have often said, that God taught me so much through my brain injured son and I wouldn’t have had it otherwise for my sake. BUT of course for the rocky road he has traveled….I would have had it otherwise. However, all children will face obstacles and they will either overcome them with God’s help or turn to their own resources. Handicapped children learn to lean on God sooner; and so do their parents. Much love to each of you…..go ahead and cry!

  5. Marcia Heckathron

    You and John and Malachi are in our prayers. So many times we do not understand why we are faced with such difficulties in life, yet we know that God will be there to help us through these difficult times. We pray that you will soon have an answer and that you will also get rest. We pray that by the end of this week the doctors will be able to help you.

  6. Tammy starr

    Love you!

  7. Sue Dale

    Dearest Mel & John,
    Praying for hopeful results and peace for your family.
    Love you!

  8. Valerie Wilson

    Many prayers being said for sweet Malachi. XO

  9. Marcia Flinchum

    Dear Mel,
    Barb had seen your post about Malachi and we prayed as a group (all 42 of us) today as we met. And we’ll definitely be remembering John as he cares for Evangeline and Ellis. You are not alone!

  10. You are ALL in our prayers. Thanks so much for keeping us informed of results, etc. You must be exhausted physically and mentally. May the LORD strengthen you and lift you as you go through these days. You are loved by many and we are walking with you.

  11. Faith Markle

    I ran into Nancy Matthews at Walmart and she mentioned you all and Malachi. We will keep you in our prayers! Saw your picture–what a lovely family you have– 🙂

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