Need Your Prayers

My mom lives in MD. As you probably know, last week, they got over 2ft. of snow. The meteorologists are now predicting another 16-20 inches of snow. I have shared with you that my mom will be joining me on Friday in Atlanta. Can you please pray that the snow fall will be at a minimum and that my mom will be able to meet me on time in Atlanta so she can help me get through customs in Belize?

I am not worried or concerned because I know that God has already ordained and approved this trip. There is no reason for me to believe that He won’t take care of me. But, I need my mom. Who doesn’t? It would be great for everything to go according to plan. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Need Your Prayers

  1. Caroline P.

    We’re praying!!!

  2. Mom

    This is one more opportunity for God to show He is sovereign and be glorified. Amen?!

  3. Leah Miller

    I will be praying

  4. Donna Chapman

    God of all creation, I pray you would put your mighty angels around Mel’s Mom and wisk her to her daughter’s side by whatever means you ordain and we will all give you the GLORY! Amen

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