Happy Birthday to My Love, My Rock

Today is John’s birthday and I just want to take some time to reflect on how much he means to me. WARNING: this is mushy and I don’t care if it is:

“What You May Not Know”

What you may not know about John is that I am my best when he is around,
What you may not know is that when I am at my worst, his grace abounds.

You may not know that he soothes my bitter tears,
You may not know that he wipes away my fears.

What you may not know about John is that everyday I see His unfailing love for the Lord grow,
What you may not know is that He is like a steady mast not easily tossed to and fro.

You may not know that being a daddy is His biggest pride,
You may not know that the love he has for his family runs deep and wide.

What you may not know about John is that He is the better half of me,
What you may not know is that I’m as happy as a wife can be.

You may not know John as well as I do,
but upon meeting him you would figure it out too.

That is just the way he is, never wavering, always faithful,
An example to me of Christ that I’m sure will never dull.

I know that he is all these things to me and more,
Happy Birthday My Love, My Rock, may God bless you today with grace and peace galore.

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to My Love, My Rock

  1. Ma

    Wow, Mel something else we have in common and that’s our poetry writing!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN! Mel describe you perfectly! Enjoy your day, I’m glad you three are together today to enjoy this special occasion! Love, Ma

  2. Donna Chapman

    Love the sentiments……my hubs and I each have some of these we have written to each other and a few our kids have written us. We keep them in what I call our sunshine drawer…..where I place notes we receive that make us feel loved. I put your thank you note in there Saturday, Mel 🙂

    DC Girls Rule (?) did you mean Fool? as in we FOOL great men to marry us? LOL

  3. Valerie

    I’ve got a lump in my throat, that is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever read. Happy Birthday, John, and may God be the glue that keeps you both bonded forever. Love, Val

  4. Rachel

    Happy Birthday John!!! And Mel… I love the mushy stuff!!!!

  5. Mom

    What a nice expression of your love and relationship, Mel! And how true—loyalty and quiet strength have always been 2 of John’s most admirable qualities. I’m so glad you could spend his birthday together before you and Evangeline leave. Our love to you all!

  6. Very sweet.

  7. Rachael

    Mel this is beautiful 🙂 Happy birthday John!

  8. Caroline P.

    What a sweet poem. Happy Birthday, John!

  9. Leah Miller

    That was beautiful!

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