I’m Here!

Hi everyone! After two uneventful flights, I’m in Belize. I was greeted by the missionaries with hugs and kisses. It was great. It’s about 85 degrees with 80% humidity. Even still, I love this country that I will one day live in. So happy to be home.

3 thoughts on “I’m Here!

  1. Mom

    We are so glad you arrived safely. We are praying for you! Love, Mom & Dad

  2. Leah

    Yeah! well, that definately is tropical weather. how exciting, have a great time.

  3. John

    Cool, thanks for the heads up. Turns out that Walt was ready to go this morning and was waiting for us. Evidently we missed him several times like ships passing in the night. Love you much, and tell Vera, Basil and Carole sorry I couldn’t come this time.

    ~ John

    PS. must….remember…to….eat 🙂

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