Filming in Belize City

Today was a good day. I spent most of the day filming the city. I must get over my fear of getting in the middle of a crowd. This is a third world country, and video cameras are usually not out and about. One man said to me, “So you filming da poor people, are you gonna cum an’ help us too?” One woman said, “Don’ you film me.” Others just stared, and as usual, the kids loved it. Some drunks walked up to me and asked me for it. Of course I said “No.” I tried to be as discreet as possible but sometimes I needed the shot.

I did get some good footage and ideas are formulating in my head about the video. Tomorrow the Cornerstone team comes in, and we will go out to the base and to Gales Point. I’m really excited about this because going to the base and to Gales Point really feels like going home.

3 thoughts on “Filming in Belize City

  1. Dave

    Welcome to my world. I get those responses all the time when I am shooting video or still photographs. Eventually you get used to it and learn certain responses and ways to present yourself that make the process easier.

  2. Mom

    It might be best not to be too conspicuous when filming people (or get their permission.) I believe Grandpa Nelson had an experience in another country where someone demanded compensation after having his picture taken.

  3. Dave

    Mom, whenever I’m photographing people, I always take compensation with me. Generally it’s in the form of a single bills, but it’s a little something to show that I appreciated their time. Sometimes it is necessary; sometimes it isn’t.

    When I was in Thailand a couple weeks ago, I paid a woman 30 baht (about a dollar) once I took her picture. She was working at a souvenir booth and was pestering me to buy something after I took her picture, so I figured paying her 30 baht directly was better than forking out 200 baht for one of her wares. 🙂

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