Final Day of the MAC

So we had our last day at the MAC. It only lasted until noon. We had our last interviews and received some feedback on what they thought about us. I will not go into detail as we would like to conact our family first and tell them verbally but let me just tell you that everything went very well. Check back on Monday for the details of this final day. Until then, thanks for your prayers. We love you all!!!!

5 thoughts on “Final Day of the MAC

  1. Mom

    Have a safe trip and look for divine opportunities. See you soon!

  2. Carole [sis]

    Jer. 29:11-14
    Thank you Jesus! See you in HIS time! Thanking HIM for you in my life!
    Love you both so much, sis

  3. Ma

    I think you are a stinker still! Won’t give out the good news, huh??? At least I’m praying it is good news. I’m counting on your help for my tours!!! LOL!!! I know Basil is counting on John being there and helping us. As a matter of fact I think he could use him now as we speak. They are having a horrible time with the solar. Hubert will be coming sometime this near the end of the month to do new installations and upgrade the system to where if the solar gets low, then the new Gen will automatically kick in!

    Alright enough about the base. I’m looking forward to the phone call. I will be at a TGIF from 3 to 5 pm with a group of teachers at the school I used to work at. Looking forward to seeing all of them again! TTYL!

  4. Levi

    Hey, Bjorgens. I trust you are enjoying your extra days in Colorado (or are you already home). Diane and I flew to Seattle on Thursday and today I preached (and we sang) at Sylvan Way Baptist Church (Katrina’s church). It was good to be back to this area as we had lived in the Pacific Northwest in the early and mid-90s. Katrina is doing fine. We also met her mom. Nice lady. See you both on Wednesday.


  5. Suzi

    Mel, it’s Monday and you promised an update! I’ve checked three times! Let us know what’s happening!
    I can’t bring you wood earrings to Belize unless you’re there!!!!!!!!!!


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